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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well Regulated American Militias

I signed up for their email list and I have found them to be articulate, reasoned and I commend them to you.

Here is an email I received recently:

In the Declaration of Independence it is affirmed that the people have a right and duty to alter or abolish their government. When the Framers of the Constitution met in Philadelphia in 1787 they were sent their to alter or abolilsh compact between the 13 colonies. Congress recognized that their were major flaws in the Articles of Confederation and that merely amending the document would not suffice.

The delegates were sent to Philadelphia to do whatever was necessary to a much stronger National government which could not have been accomplished by merely proposing amendments to the Articles of Confederation. The assignment that they were given was enormous. Their power was limited to proposing the changes, it would be up to the delegates representing the people of the states to accept or reject the Constitution.

The idea that the Convention was a runaway convention is simply not true. The delegates did precisely what they were assigned to do. They did not convene to mke cosmetic changes to the Articles of Confederation, they were assigned the task of revising or re-writing the contract between the states.

The Articles of Confederation was more of a treaty between 13 independent nations than it was a Constitution. The Convention produced a document that would give birth to a nation consisting of 13 states. The Constitution effectively merged the 13 colonies into one Nation. By ratifying the Constitution, a system known as Federalism was established with the powers to govern being shared. The Constitution delegated to the national government a short list of delegated powers while all powers not delegated to the United States nor prohibited by it to the states respectively, or to the people.

A Con Con refers to a general convention that is authorized to revise , rewrite or ablosh the Constitution. The Article V Convention only has the authority to propose amendments to the Constitution. Calling an Article V Convention a Con Con is misleading and inaccurate.

Consider exploring their site.

Here's the link.



  1. By their own writings they identify themselves as Hamiltonians with Lincolnite leanings.

    The site is reminiscent of several attempts in the last 10 years to garner a 'national' militia network, out in the open, with nary a sign of OPSEC, COMSEC or INFOSEC to be found in order to generate a 'national militia command' or some such AW infrastructure.

    Simply, it's a site for mostly well-meaning militia types to bring attention to their groups, seek recruits (much to the joy of OPFOR for providing such an easy method to infiltrate)exercise chest thumping and espouse the wisdom of their personal choices for MBR's and AW training.


    Yeah, I know....I'm jaded.

    1. Thanks for the insight, Trainer. The few emails I've rec'd to date have been reasoned, though I have not explored their site much, yet.

      I like the fact that you characterize them as well-meaning. In these days folks who operate in good faith have met my first litmus test.


  2. Trainer, agreed much of what goes on there (WRAM)is anathema to OPSEC/COMSEC, but it does serve a purpose. To allow intel gathering on those seeking entry to the Movement.

    OPFOR are not the only folks with S2s. In all honesty 90% of the folks there are actually preppers or internet Patriots.(I know many, and the owner and most admins) However there are also a few good contacts for getting in touch with local units that have much more stringent guidelines (USM standards etc). High degree of tinfoil hattery and chicken little posts but still a decent resource for folks who know how to sift data.

    That site would benefit greatly from folks like you, even if posting anon via TOR. You could save some folks hard lessons, come the rain.

    ps: they have zero chance of establishing a "National Level" C3 network. Local units won't have it. Period.

    And K yes, other than the half dozen APs and Feds they are good hearted folks with the spirit of resistance in them. Even if most are clueless in the "how" of it.


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