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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

III: Fundraising Conversation

This post is not asking for funds, folks. I would ask your advice.

I will be the very first to admit I suck at fundraising. I know the reason: I hate asking for money. In business I accept money from people every single day, but the difference is that I provide tangible goods and services in exchange for their FRN's.

Political fundraising has always been uncomfortable for me. Even though I believe whole-heartedly in our III Brand and goals, asking you for money is tough for me. Even pushing the III Gear is not the same for me as a business transaction, because while it "is" a straight business deal, the proceeds are for our political goals, so it still "feels" like fundraising to me. And you all know you can buy the same gear more inexpensively online. Our mark-up is for the 527.

I'll work my way through the discomfort. No political organization works without cash, and lots of it.

We need to go to the next level, folks. Those of you who have supported the 527 know who you are, and whether you have bought gear or simply submitted donations or offered moral support, I thank you profoundly. Many of you have supported several times. Many of you have gone even further than cash, and submitted material and skills when we needed it. We've had a Patriot offer a custom-coated Mossberg as a raffle item. We've accomplished some good goals with your help, and we have several in the works, including: Our Poster, our Gun Show Tour and the American Liberty Congress, among others.

I'm certain many of you are familiar with fundraising letters/emails from groups and politicians. Should we go that route for a while? It is NOT cheap. Buying into a mailing list that is productive is costly. I'm not sure I want the III Brand to be another piece of political spam.

But we need results.

Should I build a fundraising email and ask our III supporters to email it to their address books? Most of your friends and family are probably not our target demographic, and I hesitate to ask you to look like you are hustling for a political organization, especially since I expect modest results, at best.

I want the III to be grassroots. That is where our allies lie.

My personal outlook: I think our best fundraising and growth in numbers will be found by meeting people, such as the Gun Show Tour, and offending the H* out of our political enemies for free media. I also would LOVE to raise enough cash to run an ad in a gun magazine for 1-3 months.

I also believe we can find natural allies in "real" Tea Party groups, but that means we must all take the time and spend the energy to get to their meetings, network, hand out business cards, et cetera. I think this is time/energy intensive with modest results.

Offending our enemies for free press is a great strategy. Our poster will do that. Our "Enemy of Liberty" awards will do that on a limited scale. The American Liberty Congress WILL put us on the map if we can get at least 300 Patriots in DC wearing empty holsters, folks. That event will unleash free media worth major, major fundraising, with the added benefit of letting the country know we have no intention of backing up.

But this email is to ask you how you think we should proceed.

The goal is to grow our ranks and put cash in the 527 account so we can do more.

Our community is small. You know I have ZERO faith or interest in trying to win hearts & minds. I think we are best served by finding the folks who already think as do we.

Should we simply seek to offend the Enemies of Liberty and ride that wave? It can be powerful, but like fire it can be unpredictable and take us places we never anticipated.

Should we buy more conventional adspace on blogs, magazines, et cetera? If so, which venues?

Should we...

Please weigh in.



  1. I have to think about this, I'll get back to you.
    Miss V

  2. 1. I am in agreement that there are no arguments to be won, our allies are already out there, they just don't realize we are here and that when they do, if they have any inclination to take back their country they will stand with us.
    2. I think buying a mailing list and sending fundraising letters would be a waste of time and money. Why? Because people (especially anyone that would be of the same mindset as we are)are jaded about politics/politicans. I never look at ANY political mail, it goes straight to the garbage can without a second glance.
    3. Ditto with the email.
    4."I think our best fundraising and growth in numbers will be found by meeting people, such as the Gun Show Tour, and offending the H* out of our political enemies for free media. I also would LOVE to raise enough cash to run an ad in a gun magazine for 1-3 months."
    I think the above is the best answer. For two reasons, first, those who would be our allies need to see we are not looney tunes, but everyday Americans just like themselves and second, this is a passionate topic and we need to be able to look people in the eye and transfer that spark. Courting the real tea party people falls into that catagory.
    5. Offending those who trespass on the Constitution and our Liberty works too. Think about all the ways the liberals twist and turn and posture to get their way, then turn the tables on them and give it back. But we need to make sure we include the press in this.
    That is my opinion for now. Perhaps we would have to change strategy later. It's a fluid situation and we have to adapt.
    One thing I think we do need to do is figure out a way, a system, something to connect those of us who are already here so we can watch each other's back.
    Miss Violet

    1. Thanks Miss V. I think you and I are on the same page. Most others must be as well, given the limited response.

      So, we'll hold our current course.



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