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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vote you will, you must...even if you vote to leave the Island

"We'll never vote our way out of this..."

How many times have you read those words?

The obvious question is then, what is the way out and why isn't anyone doing it?

I'll let others pontificate on the how and when, and I'll challenge the premise for a moment.

We'll never vote our way out of this...

Why not? We voted our way into it. Americans went to the polls generation after generation and pulled levers for politicians who told them what they'd do. We also failed to vote our way into it. How many Americans chose not to go to the polls, thus surrendering the ballot box to intellectual enemies? I dare say the number of people who failed to defend Liberty at the ballot box is higher than the number of people who have actively voted for our current condition.

I do agree that We'll never vote our way out of this...but only in that voting alone will not remedy the problems we face. I do believe that for generations the Enemies of Liberty have used the ballot box to pervert our Founder's intent. I also believe that generations of these perversions have succeeded in warping the Souls of the majority of our Countrymen.

Half of all households are FSA. Half of the country is FSA.

That half of the population certainly will not vote for any politician who promises to make their lives harder. But all FSA are not equal. Some do not even realize the alternatives. They were born into this society that was already charging at speed along this destructive path. They certainly not taught in public schools that accepting college loans from fellow Citizens is an evil act.

Some FSA are hardcore leeches. Most have simply never lived in any other paradigm, and have never challenged the concept. A small few I have zero issue with in the FSA: If you are a veteran and you went into the military and in good faith stepped into the fray, and you are now disabled or otherwise disadvantaged because of your service, take that check. Indeed, I am ashamed to live in a society that would put you in a position that you need to take that check. I am ashamed that those who govern have abandoned you.

Everyone else in the FSA needs to get a clue.

So, we will not vote our way out of this mess...alone.

Nor will we change the hearts and minds of most FSA. Indeed, there is a segment of our society who genuinely believe it is immoral not to confiscate the wealth of the productive and socially engineer. Those folks will not be convinced to cease and desist by the ballot.

For those who have been waiting for it, here: BUT...

To take the position that voting will not play an important, vital role in recovering our national sanity and moral compass is to ignore reality, to ignore our past, and to ignore common sense.

First, in a SHTF scenario those who have been elected to office will go to bunkers and they will direct armies of bureaucrats (most will be armed) in the matters of survival. Having the most moral, the most practical, and those possessed of the most Common Sense in elected office will matter, unless the very bedrock of civilization ceases to exist.

Second, remember that even in the years before our birth as a nation men voted. Each Colony had men who guided by voting, usually entrusted by their neighbors at home to vote in their interests. After the Revolution, men voted our path, and more men affirmed by the vote. Even as the war raged, men voted on how to proceed, where and when.

Do not surrender the political process, folks. It is the fundamental element of Liberty and a society founded on personal Liberty.

No matter how our world progresses in the coming months and years, men will vote. Do we secede? Do we not? Do we attack Virginia? Do we not?

Voting is a peaceful means used by men to choose a path.

So long as men choose to live in packs, voting will be as important as 2A.

We may not vote our way out of this...

But I promise you, there is absolutely no solution in any scenario (short of an E.L.E.) in which voting does not play a fundamental role.

CLARIFICATION: I am not advocating that you go vote for Mittens. I am advocating that if anyone on the ballot is a decent person and a significantly lesser evil, consider pulling that lever. But mostly I am advocating that we not surrender the ballot box unconditionally to the Enemies of Liberty. Think Churchill: We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the air...

Think about it.



  1. "Voting is a peaceful means used by men to choose a path."

    False. Volition is that. Mob rule is not.

    Save the "But..." That's the whole of it.

    [If you'd like me to stop pointing out errors on your blog, just ask and I will.]

    1. Jim, you are one of the most respectful and thoughtful people with whom I disagree often. ;) If I remember correctly, I snapped at you without cause before I got a grasp of where you stand.

      You are welcome here.


    2. That's nice. In the spirit of agreement, I will concede one point to your position. Intent means a ton in morality, and at this stage most reasonable people view voting as the one last possible peaceful means to get out of this mess.

      The thing is, they're wrong and reality trumps intent. We are now able to understand that democracy is the greatest evil of human organization and reduces to absolutely nothing but mob rule where the strongest gang gets its way. There is no redemption to it---never was and never will be.

      The real truth is that if individuals want a peaceful way out of this mess, then there will be a peaceful way out of this mess. Sadly, thanks mostly to our educational system, they don't want a peaceful way out of this mess. They want what they know, and the habits with which they're comfortable. Call it a "nanny society," a "slave state" or whatever, this is what they want. That's why they vote for it, duh. But voting for something else won't change a thing, because it's still voting.

      Mob rule is mob rule and that's the end of it. Seat belt laws aren't legitimate, even though it's wise to wear a seat belt.

  2. Mr. K,

    The enemy is "us".

    97% of all federal politicians are reelected. The numbers aren't much different at elected office below the Fed.

    I've run for office against an incumbent. Without a ton of money and an army of relentless volunteers, one doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.

    As I knocked on doors to introduce myself, the sheeple would tell me the incumbent was "doing a good job". When I asked "how so ?", I generally had the door closed in my face.

    Voting....it's a joke. Dem or 'Pub, its a joke. Although your essay is well-written, your reasoning exists only in La-La Land.

    Nearly two years ago I read predictions Romney would be the annointed one. Sure 'nuff....its Romney. Ron Paul was black-balled by the MSM and the RNC.

    To hell with voting. It has become nothing but a joke.


    1. Dan: You are 100% correect, and I may have left the wrong impression. I'm not suggesting anyone go and vote for Mittens or ANY Establishment puke, whether D or R.

      I am advocating that we remain engaged in the Constitutional process of voting as we prep and identify the Enemies of Liberty in our AOs.

      I want us to show up where the fight is happening, and the voting booth is one of those places. Write in Mickey Mouse. Write in Ron Paul as local Dog Catcher if you like Congressman Paul.

      But I refuse to let the Enemies of Liberty be the only people in the booths pulling the levers.

      I wish you had won your election. I still hold that if we had 535 real III Patriots in national office, our problems would go away overnight.

      Stay safe.


  3. Vote Obama and help the machine burn down faster. Thats what I am doing.

  4. While I do get your point K, my point is this: we know that our former Republic has devolved into democracy, there are no candidates worth voting for (save Ron Paul and a handful of others), writing in is a complete waste of time, and voting period only grants legitimacy to a system which is so totally corrupted that it is unrecognizable as anything other than puppet dictatorship. To wit, how often do you hear a candidate say "my platform/vision/course is..."

    I don't give a DAMN what YOUR platform is, if it doesn't follow the Constitution TO THE LETTER. When do you think the last time a politician ran on such a platform? 1789?

    1. Craig: We have indeed devolved to mob-rule democracy, and it offends the very premise of Liberty. I do not think a politician has run on a Constitutional platform in my lifetime, and you are probably right about it being 1789.

      For better or worse I have found that I have a big FU gene that refuses to allow me to surrender the ballot box to our enemies. I know it is a futile and symbolic gesture in these days.

      But, voting is the peaceable means intended by our Founders (and it beats shooting people, usually). I think the simple act of voting, even if it is for a write-in or a protest vote, is a respectful gesture to our past and to that place we should aspire to recover.

      I do wish at least one person would step up and declare a genuine Constitutional platform, even though he'd be smeared.


  5. I've said for a few years now that I don't think voting does one bit of good...but I still do it out of respect for the men and women who have died BELIEVING that they were doing so to give me the right to vote.
    Miss Violet


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