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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How do you measure up to the Founders?

Curtis posted a series of quotes to reinforce the notion most of us share that Liberty can only exist in a country of moral people, here. It ties into a conversation that evolved on a thread below. It seems anytime we discuss morality and Liberty and finding the line between the two, folks get heated, quickly. And that is a fair dispute.

Nothing beyond this point has anything to do with Curtis or his positions. But after reading what I have written, I would suggest you read his collection of quotes and measure yourself against those from our past.

My question yesterday I ask again today, and the ideal topic to illustrate the point is abortion.

Abortion is a core issue, the debate between the murder of a defenseless newborn or the scraping of a few cells. This debate faster than any other will bring people to blows.

One need not be a religious person to believe abortion is murder. And many religious folks come down pro-abortion. But the religious ant-abortion crowd occupies the most militant end of the spectrum, filled with righteous indignation.

So, here is the simple question: Why have these morally offended folks not stopped abortions?

Why haven't you even tried?

Do not tell me it can't be done. When George Tiller took one to the head, the number of doctors in America still performing late-term abortions was 2.

2 doctors.

Scott Roeder proved how easy it truly is to reduce the number of doctors willing to do late-term abortions to zero.

So, for you morally outraged folks who hold the position that abortion is murder, why have you never left the porch and ended the practice? 53,000,000+ defenseless babies have been murdered since Roe, and you have not stopped one, when it is in your power. Scott Roeder has stopped how many? Hundreds? Where is your praise for him? Where is his monument? Hell, have any of you even filled his commissary account so he can afford to buy some mackeral packets in prison?

If you have it in your power to stop the murder of a defenseless unborn child, the most defenseless of human beings, and you do have it in your power, and you always have, why haven't you done anything about it?

From a tactical and strategic perspective, ending abortions, or at least stopping 95% of them, could be done in a week with 10-man teams in each state.

All you folks who rant and rave about how evil abortion is are getting uncomfortable right now, aren't you?

I don't want to hear the excuses. I am not going to participate in a debate about abortion. This is not about abortion.

This is about supposed moral outrage, being in a power position to end the moral wrong, and doing nothing about it.

That is where you all stand, those of you who rail about the moral outrage of abortion.

The simple reality is that you were unwilling to take the personal risk, to expose yourself on behalf of the defenseless unborn.

Zoomie built a very cool graphic that had a picture of George Washington, and said "I and my compatriots would be shooting by now."

If we as a nation will not act and take a personal risk to save the slaughter of unborn Countrymen, it becomes easy to understand why we are on a path to Communism and that train will not stop.

It is because we are not the same people as were our Founders.

Were I a doctor assessing the prognosis for Liberty, I'd have to call Time of Death by now.

Just examine the premise and the facts, folks. Then apply to yourself, and ask the hard question.

I have. I am going to Washington on November 3rd.

I can't be bothered any longer by those who will rail without action.



  1. That stung...


    1. Daniel: I have been putting myself through these same questions recently. I was not proud of the answers I gave.

      I am on a different path in life now, as a result of being brutally honest with myself.


  2. From the time of the Stamp Act which was 1765 I believe until the first shot was fired is how long? Ten years? And this was in a climate of little to no militarized law enforcement for the most part. In fact the defeating of the Stamp Act was some pretty stunning acts of Randian withdrawal from the British economy with out any armed insurrection or violent crime needed for the most part.

    I feel reasonably certain how one founder would handle abortion. Franklin would post many stories about it and articles written under one alias or another in the hope of changing the general thinking of it as a reasonable act. That is if he would actually be anti-abortion today, which of all the founders he would be the most likely to be a screaming male feminist, so I am uncertain he would be anti-abortion. When it came to women Franklin was anything but a staunch Christian.

    Don't take this comment as being against your position per se. Hell I would even send ya a holster and plan on donating or purchasing more than the little I have already done to make it possible. If the climate is right come November 3 I may even join you. We will have to see on that.

    This much I will say. The founders had a great ally in distance and anonymity that is not available in today's society. In many ways those of us speaking out today, even with alias names, are making moves much bolder than many of them were making even a year before actual conflict broke out.

    1. Pioneer: I think over the generations we have become a more tolerant people, a direct and valuable byproduct of our Founding documents. But in some cases, like tolerating too much for too long, as we have now on many fronts, our fuse is so long that destruction can happen before we actually get to April 19th.

      I hope that we are in that period buiilding to an eruption of the people. But I am not sanguine the eruption will go our way, I think it may go the way of Greek & French elections, where the people demand more of the wrong.

      Time will tell.


    2. Kerodin - I agree yet would say we have become a much more leisure people which allows the tolerance to grow. It also explains the difference in just how far that tolerance goes for some class/social groups over others as some have much more leisure than others anymore.

      In a way this is where you and I differ slightly as I firmly believe we are in the building period you speak of and with each right that is squeezed and moral code that is broken the patriot movement grows. In the end it is an ideology that must be grown from individual communities upwards until it branches over the country once again.

  3. Because not enough Christians have the courage. They haven't had a... Agent Smith moment yet.

    Agent Smith: I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can’t stand it any longer. It’s the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I’ve somehow been infected by it.

    Let us all remember something... The Church has been infiltrated and re-programmed just as much as the unchurched. They have grown up just as well to those things around them. They have just as well grown up with TV programming, news programming. One of the communist tenets was to spoil the Church just as well as the unchurched in America.

    One way they did it can be found here: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


    But, Jesus has warnings for the Church also if anyone care to look it up...

    Revelation 2


    Revelation 3


    Like everyone else, including us, the Church will have its fire moment.

  4. After reading another blog-spot (Artic Patriot) regarding this issue, I have done a 180' in thinking (from 'womans rights') to the murder of the unborn - so, the first step was an open mind to rethink a position and now the second step is to take action. Violent? Maybe - but for sure 'voting' and talking about this (and other issues of our day) is not going to cut it at this point. As I have stated in the past, voting our way out of this mess will not solve our problems at this point in time. If we are really lucky (in my opinion), we will experience a crash of some sort with (hopefully) a 'reset' for those who survive. Intersting times indeed.

  5. Americans need a leader we dont yet have.. one who can issue the call to arms or set the example by his honorable actions rather than from his appeals for honesty and trust.. From my experience there arent too many honorable men left and after living here for so many years I sometimes question my own..

    God give us strength and guidance, for we are a miserable lot.

    Yank lll

  6. In fact Sam, while at DC, I encourage you, or someone there at the podium, to bring up this very question in the face of the Church.

    And, just as an after thought... there are people calling out the Church. Chuck Baldwin is one, but do we think the lame stream media is going to give him pri-time? Paul McGuire. Greg Evenson. Coach Dave Daubenmire... And many many more. Unfortunately, the only exposure these men get is called kooks.

    1. Curtis: They are going to call me much worse than a simple kook. ;)

      So, I may as well bring it up.


  7. Sam... those names are just a few hints. If they are up to it.

    I am sure they have already called you a hoodlum, malcontent, and homegrown extremist.

    I've lost count of how many times I have been called a kook since... 20 years ago.

    I keep walking away and I keep getting pulled back in. Every time I say puck it, I keep coming back. And I'll be perfectly honest... I don't want to do this anymore. But here I am.

  8. Sam,for 40 of my 50 years I have failed the Founders severely! Just tried to make a buck and raise a family. During that time the Socialist have run amuck! No More,Granpa isn't letting his Grand children grow up Socialist or any ist or ism! They will be Free people in a Free Republic. Samuel,Ben,John,Thomas et all,I apologize for Almost losing what you gave me.On my Honor I shall do my best to reclaim it!


  9. Worker: If you are the praying sort, you should plug into 40 Days for Life. Over the last five years, nearly 6000 babies have been spared during the campaigns. 23 clinics and offices have closed. 69 clinic workers (and I think some doctors) have walked off the job. Some have even spoken out about why they quit. The campaigners are taking flak, so they must be over the target. There is probably a site near you. If there isn't, hopefully someone will set up a new site closer to you during the next campaign. It's grown from one site in Texas to hundreds across the States, South America, Europe, and Australia. I've been following their effort, and supporting the local vigil in various ways, since 2009.

    1. They are trying to open a Planned Parenthood here in my neck of the woods. It isn't looking rosy for PP. Nobody wants an abortion mill in their neighborhood.

    2. Damn, Damn, and double damn. I pray that they fail.

  10. The truth hurts...they say pain is weakness leaving the body...I'd say your words will either strengthen our resolve or cause one to slither away a coward...I feel stronger, having taken to heart what you stated. Thank you for that bittersweet pill.


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