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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sons of Liberty or Circle-Jerkers?

I am not here to make friends.

More people every week learn that I do not suffer Fools, Liars, faux-Patriots or shit-talkers.

I am here to find a way to live the remainder of my life free and at Liberty, the same Liberty known to our Founders.

Liberty will not be found by writing eloquently. Our Founders had Jefferson, and they still had to take to the Green. We do not have a Jefferson, so you'd better plan on getting dirty if you truly want Liberty.

When I was in Mercer I saw a group of Patriots who mean to be free and at Liberty. Some are closer to fitting in with the Sons of Liberty than others. But none were circle-jerkers. The Bank of America declaration that David, Brock and the others from the North Carolina PatCom brought to life was Sons of Liberty. You can bet real action was discussed at every PatCom. And there will be more.

Sadly, there is a tremendous amount of circle-jerking around us. Men who complain about the number of babies murdered every year, but can't list a single Abortionist they have ever stopped from going to work. Men who complain about being groped by TSA, but permit it anyway, while counseling the rest of us to stand tall and be men, to simply take our Liberty from behind the keyboard.

These guys have lots of advice for you, and exercise none of it. Yes, I can say that with confidence, because to this day there has not been one single report of a Bankster who has gone missing, not one TSA Agent groped in the airport parking lot as a quid pro quo. That list goes on.

There are a few genuine Patriots in this Community. You can tell who they are because they are taking actual actions, doing actual work, and are ready to revive the Sons of Liberty.

On November 3rd I will go to Washington to look into the eye of Evil, hand them a declaration to stop injuring the Constitution, and inform them that I intend to live the remainder of my life in the same state of Liberty enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson.

I will not be asking them for anything. There will be no permits. I will ask noone for permission.

Look into your heart, Patriot. Are you ready to go beyond anger and into action?

Are you ready to have the Sons of Liberty active once again?

Are you ready to bear the weight and responsibility of the nine stripes yourself?

If your answer is Yes, then I invite you to join me in DC, if you can make it. I'll also make it happen for others to have their voices heard that day, even if they cannot come personally.

But there is no time for anything now but action.

I have no use for wasting time with circle-jerkers.



  1. As I have personally witnessed for the past three years, people talk but they are not willing to fight for Liberty. The Bank of America Declaration has pointed out two facts:
    1. People cannot extrapolate the effect of one battle on the war.
    2. There are many people who professed to be patriots that are more concerned with egos and agendas than our children's future.

    We now know which people are committed to resist tyranny and which people are committed to themselves.

    David DeGerolamo

  2. I'm with you, please give more details of event, time and place or email me randyedye@aol.com


    Randy Dye
    aka Randy's Right
    North Carolina

  3. You're spot-on.
    My motto was "play by the rules until there are no rules, then it's on".
    This post cut me to the core.
    They are playing by a different set of rules than us, if they are playing by any rules at all.
    I am changing my paradigm.
    Lewis Wetzel

    1. Lewis: Thanks for the support. It was good meeting you in Mercer.

      You are correct, they are playing bythe simple rules of "Win, by any means necessary"

      Yet we continue to color within the lines. Until we treat them like the dangerous animal in the baby's nursery that they are...

      Stay safe.


  4. Mr.K,

    I have fought the Behemoth in his own Federal Court. Tens of thousands of dollars and 4 years of my life. I was rewarded with a unanimous jury verdict only to have the Federal Judge, Sean McLaughlin, throw out the jury verdict and hand my win to the .gov entity I sued.

    I played by the rules. Those in government play by THEIR rules. Power comes from the barrel of a gun. Decorum, .gov rules, being nice, and all the "oh my" mentalities, one meets in Amerika today, has given us the tyrannical and illegitimate government that emanates from 1600 PA Avenue.

    Its time to quit being nice. Those in government, at all levels, of all party affilliations, are screwing those they laughingly proclaim to serve, right in the pooper. We're not even given the courtesy of a reach around.

    Got hemp ? Got lead ?


  5. He resigned as a judge in 2013 to work for Erie Insurance


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