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Thursday, May 31, 2012

III Gear

As I wrote on the sidebar, we are making headway with our engraving and our account at KA-BAR. Sorry it has been much slower than I anticipated, folks. But we are gaining ground, and you have been very supportive.

A few notes: The prices for our III Branded knives will be going up in the very near future. If you've been considering one of our blades, you can plan on a 40% price increase (or a bit more) sometime soon after I get our first batch of Cold Steel from the engraver and I am satisfied with the work.

Hoodies & ALC Shirts: I'll be emailing everyone who has pre-paid for a hoodie and confirming your color choice and style (zipper or pullover). The color options are listed at IIIGear.com and it isn't too late to change colors/styles if you wish. But I will send everyone an email and get confirmation before I place the order, so look for that email tomorrow or over the weekend. Please take a peek at IIIGear.com and decide exactly what color/style you want. ALC shirts are all ash with black logo.

T-Shirts: I've decided that instead of simply ordering the same OD short sleeve T-shirt every time, I'm going to change it up from batch to batch. I'm going to change colors and I think I am going to put in an order for tank tops, too. Then once they sell out we'll look at changing it up again, maybe long sleeves for fall. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

I am also going to alter our logo once in a while so that we have a few variations on the theme floating around. Once in a while I will drop the "Resist" and go with just our Minuteman and III, sometimes we'll go with just III, sometimes we may even add different words such as Restore, or Liberty, I'm even considering our Minuteman and III logo with the word "Liberty" above and "or Death" below.

Holly and I have decided to trademark several variations to legally protect the Brand from bad actors. We'll never stop any Patriot from using the Brand, even if you want to set up a Zazzle shop or something of the kind. But we have decided that once we get on the national radar, we need to have our marks protected from folks like MoveOn, who can play dirty. The Bad People have a lot of money and many lawyers.

Remember, the fundamental components of our Brand are the Lexington Minuteman and the Roman numeral III. I invite everyone to play with the designs, add to it and send it my way or ask Zoomie if he'll play with your idea. Our Brand needs to be versatile and fluid, but consistent with the fundamentals. In addition to "Resist" I think there is great merit in adding other messages to the logo.

So: Orders are shipping, knives are moving forward, I'm playing with a Liberty or Death design for a new patch, et cetera.

If you are considering a blade with our III on it, just remember the prices will be going up very soon.

Thank you all for the support you have shown since we began the 527. We are growing our numbers, slowly but surely. We will grow more. And most importantly, we are building morale and cohesion. I was very proud to see how many Patriots were flying III Patches at TL's Summit.

We will be a national force, folks. The Enemies of Liberty will know who we are, and they will respect us.

I'll be offering a post on the November Liberty Congress soon, and I added a small update at the link above (top of the page "American Liberty Congress" tab).

Yours in Liberty.


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