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Thursday, May 31, 2012

These Too, Are Times Which Try Men’s Souls

A compilation essay offered by Oldfart, I am proud to present it here:

Unfortunately the 2012 election and the hoopla that goes with it is a distraction from the undeniable fact that we are truly and quite possibly in the final battle for the soul of America. Past elections have been child’s-play compared to the ultimate outcome of this struggle. We simply must grasp the magnitude of this pivotal conflict. It is a concerted war against individual freedom of conscience and personal development within the moral society of our nation and it has been underway for years.

The Judeo-Christian society born on American soil in the 18th century established a Republic and forged a gentle giant of a nation which offered its inhabitants hope and freedom. For the poor or oppressed around the globe, it raised a beacon drawing millions of them to us. That hope is now being challenged by the political descendants of despots from past tyrannical governments. As long as the people could openly acknowledge and seek guidance from God these masters of deceit could never capture men’s hearts. So the first step was to separate the minds of the young from their parents’ influence and substitute a far reaching government bureaucracy. Public schools, originally designed for the poor, was recognized as the primary vehicle with which to begin the eventual transformation of our nation. By the middle of the last century the progressive liberals virtually “owned” - and for the most part operated - both elementary and secondary education in America.

The educational “dumbing down” of Americans involved more than the rewriting of history. It had to include a reformation of conscience and the destruction of Judeo-Christian morality to accomplish the intent of those wanting to break the backs of Bible totting, flag waving patriots who clung to their guns and provided “prosperity for themselves and their posterity”. Unlike the sudden and brutal Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which awakened a sleeping giant, this sneak attack was a long, silent but deadly poisoning of the minds and morals of a nation until that nation began to compromise its values in the name of “tolerance” or “fairness” or “social justice”, weakening its will to staunchly defend the principles on which it was founded.

These enemies of liberty with their newly established politically-correct language defining our values and legislative agendas are now not just within our society but in political control of our lives too. Politics is being used as the tool or weapon of the real enemy. We must understand the real enemy is EVIL in all the forms of suggestive information, entertainment, or political theory it can deceitfully use to conceal its character. The only remaining obstacle to its complete success is the waning moral fiber left in the values held by Judeo-Christian patriots of this country.

Thus, it is altogether fitting that we not hesitate to use the words and tone of those founders which gave birth to our nation to demand that candidates for government office, especially the presidency, profess those precious values and vow to govern justly by them and to boldly face the critics who dare suggest they are not relevant in today’s political arena. We can pray our hearts out but we also need to assure the Father willingly and publicly that we cherish our faith and freedom and deserve His help.

Time is running out. It’s now or never. As students of history and/or as ardent believers in the word of God as given to us in the Gospels, who among us can deny or naively ignore the rampant Evil that is staring us in the face today?



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  1. Cuts right to the heart of the matter.
    Amen Brother
    Kayne in CO


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