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Friday, May 11, 2012

III News

First, some good news.

Mrs. Kerodin and I have spent much of the day deeply immersed in III topics. The upshot is that I will be getting some Administrative help so orders will begin processing several times each week.

Another benefit: Mrs. Kerodin (Holly) will be diving into email here and there. We haven't really set guidelines, but don't be surprised if you get thank you's, confirmations, queries, or other correspondence from my lovely wife.

Holly is fully engaged in the American Liberty Congress (ALC) and since in a former life she was an Event Organizer here in DC, she will be taking point on many aspects. Believe me, this is a good thing.

The ALC will have 2 days of activity. Friday November 2 will be our day. We'll meet in a nice hotel and hear from our Keynote Speaker (we'll get into deciding who that will be soon enough). We'll each have an option to take between 2-5 minutes at the podium if we have something to say. We will build on all of the great work that has been started by folks like Bill Nye, TL, Brock, CA & Bill Fletcher and others who hosted PatComs. And we intend to break ground.

Mrs. Kerodin is good with our parchment, our Declaration of abuses, and even our ultimatum (if worded very carefully).

Final ALC note for the moment: IIIGear.com Official ALC shirts available now. The shirt-builder function at our printer doesn't have the ability to show sleeve text, but we will have text on both sleeves. One sleeve: Restore the Constitution. The second sleeve: IIIPercentPatriots.com.

The Liberty Congress Day One is by Invitation Only. For the record, you are invited. It will be ticketed (Speakers and meeting rooms at places like the Hay Adams are not cheap). But if you have either of the Official T-Shirts or either of our III Patches, you don't need tickets.

The price on the T-Shirts will be going up soon once we start advertising to other groups, like OathKeepers, NRA, Tea Party folks, et cetera. We'll give you a 2-3 day heads up before it happens.

The good III Branded stickers are in and I am very pleased. It was a major pain in the arse to get it done, (they printed on the wrong paper once, just for starters), but they are UV coated vinyl, 3"x4", and look good.

2012 Annual III Enemy of Liberty Awards: It seems like you folks are diggin' the idea! So, let's rock & roll with it! Let's get the format out of the way, first: I think they should be printed on nice paper, suitable for framing and hanging, in a scripted font similar to a diploma. Then I'd like to roll it, use a III wax seal and a lace ribbon, and mail it to our award winners in a mailing tube.

If anyone doesn't like that general aspect of the project, feel free to speak up!

I would like to reach into the grunt-labor-pool for these awards. Politicians are too easy and predictable. Let's really rile some folks and make sure they come visit us when they have a chance, like Mr. Trumka and Jerad Wheeler (here), and a few folks over at CPUSA.

This project has minimal expense, and we won't need to do any fundraising for it. But I say let's earn the postage by writing with the intent of making the award winner cry. Crying is a bonus.

KA-BAR: Folks, thanks for the support. You guys come through when we ask, and it is appreciated. I hope you also find it helpful that the III have set up these accounts. I'll be placing that first order on Monday morning, so if you want anything KA-BAR, get the order in this weekend. Folks, I personally endorse these knives as primary fighting blades. I'll always reach for my Cold Steel first, but I have absolute faith in these KA-BARS. Our Cold Steel order should be here Monday - they actually sent it COD. I didn't know companies still did that. ;)

Hoodies: oh, hoodies. hoodies, hoodies, hoodies. We are getting closer to our minimum, but don't forget you can just ask for a refund, ask to assign the money to other items, whatever. I'll take care of you.

Ah, back to Liberty Congress for a second: Getting into gun shows, especially shows in the near future, is proving to be a problem. They are maxed out! While that sucks for us trying to reach people, it is good for the country! I'll still be able to get in, but I may not make it to my first choice every weekend. I intend to try to hit at least one major show in each major metro so we can have a spot to meet so you can get your name on the scroll. I'll be going coast to coast and north to south. In some areas, I may simply have to hook up with a gun shop and have everyone meet for an hour or so so we can meet, sign and support your local gun-gear-guy. We'll hook him up with some free online advertising just for helping out.

I have a LOT of ground to cover this summer.

At these gun shows I will have our scroll available for III Patriots to sign, folks. So, we'll need to get working on that language sooner rather than later. I'll look over everything that you folks have sent in, then perhaps make a pass at it, then we'll tweak it together until we get it where we want it.

RP: Thank you, sir! The thumb drive and donation arrived in good order. For others, remember I still need Voter Registration records from your Boards of Elections.

There's more, I'm sure, but I'll let everyone soak in my brain gush. Sorry for the mess.

Action, folks. No counter-revolution was ever won from the backside. We have work to do, and if you are like me, talk is cheap. We need doers who do. That's where I am headed.

OH - one final thing: Any women considering the Congress solo should send me an email and tell me how I can help you out. I'm not sure if you'd like a thread to discuss possible room sharing, ride sharing, whatever. Or perhaps you'd prefer I just make a ladies only email list so you can talk among yourselves.

BofA boycott at WRSA, here.

Just let me know.

Stay safe, Patriots.


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