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Friday, May 11, 2012

A very important question for Real Patriots who intend to come to Washington, unarmed, for the last time...

Have you ever heard the great historical military man named Robert Ulyses Laffin?

I'll call him Rob for the purpose of this post.

Rob not only considered himself a master of every and all wars, battles and Generals of the past, including their strokes of brilliance, their blunders, the color of their boxers on alternating Tuesdays. Rob signed his correspondence R.U. Laffin

Rob did not limit his knowledge to the past. He knew 4G & 5G and even invented 6G, but it was so far beyond the limited comprehension of his peers, it died with him.

Rob was able to look at any micro or macro conflict and see the widom and dangers in every move, open to every player, on the Board.

I kid you not, Rob was a badass. B.A.D.A.S.S.

Do you think you probably never heard of ol' Rob because the Brits, or Romans or Americans kept him in a secret War Room somewhere as their ultimate military genius? Rob sure thought he was worthy of it, he never let an opportunity pass that he did not tell his fellow Country when to do what, why, and how, of what doing X during Y time axis would prove Z results, hence victory.

Know why you never heard of ol' Rob.

Because he was a freekin' keyboard Rambo and never, one, placed himself in harm's way...not when it was safe and easy, not when it became prudent, and not when it mattered...Rob was certain (fear will do that for a fellow) that his utmost responsibility was to stay alive for the benefit of his Countrymen.

Now let's move from the world where Fantasy Warriors live to where you and I live.

We have decided to do something.

We have not decided to take arms and march on Washington, as one or two of our own bloggers would have you think. Hell, I'd never announce I was going to do it if I had such plans, nor would I ever ask for helpers.

We have decided to write a Declaration, in a hand and with the nearest elegance of a Thomas Jefferson as we are able to muster, and hand it to men among us who mean to be Masters. These men are Masters, today. Right now as Reg further contemplates, and tells us why now is not the time, what we have planned is futile, and all the rest of Reg's sage wisdom.

You and I have merely decided to follow the proven (successful, I might add) actions of our Founders who wrote the King. (I suspect Ben, John & Tom had folks crying that the sky would fall too, if they wrote their letter) We will lay out our grievances. We will sign our names over an action clause, to the effect of: We will begin acting like the Americans who deserved this land, not the slaves you and Reg would have us remain.

Every schoolboy (even today in public school) knows Leonidas did not set out from Sparta with three hundred Warriors and hold off Xerxes.

We all know that Leonidas chose to remain with a valiant 300 Spartans in that narrow pass, so others could fall back.

What will our action have on history?

There is no way for you or me to know. Not even Rob can know, because Rob is one of those guys you'd love to find in the stock market: You'd love to buy him for what he's worth, then sell him for what he thinks he's worth. But in our own history, when men did something similar and meant it, it turned out alright.

We may have zero impact, forever. (I personally know that one is not true. When my name is signed, invoking the cause of action, I will act as promised. I have shaken hands with a few men who have said they will attend. In my heart I know what is in their eyes. They will return home, too, and having warned our Masters, begin to live as Americans.)

Our impact may have a delayed effect. Many of the Sons of Liberty actions had delayed reactions.

Hell, we might even prove to be the catalyst that gets a portion of the Silent Majority off their butts, which will unleash the moral indignation that is so latently hostile today that it merely be sparked to conflagrate.

One thing about Rob, though - he'll be there to let us all know how smart we were to heed his advice...after the risk is gone.

Worry not, Rob. Men like you are always made free by the work and sacrifice endured by better men.

Patriots act.

I ask for 300 American Patriots who are genuinely III in your hearts, men and women who would have walked those miles to stand with John Parker that April morning. I ask for you to be the boldest Americans alive today, one of those willing to put your name on a document that accuses our Masters of Treason, and declares them to be Enemies of Liberty.

We may be the dumbest 300 Americans alive today.

We may be the dumbest 300 Americans to die on November 3.

We may also be that set of 300 brave Patriots who give courage to our Countrymen to stand up and be counted.

Like Real Estate, America is not growing more Patriots, not in numbers to compete with the little Marxists, or even slow their gains. How many hundreds/thousands of Kindergarten class kids learn from their daily Socialist for every one home-schooled kid?

The number of Patriotic Americans alive today who want genuine Liberty and who want the Constitution Restored, as Ratified, will never be higher than it is today.

The arithmetic is simple.

So, to those 300 who will join me, and the hundreds more who will support the efforts, I am proud to be doing something hard in the face of a world that wants the easy way.

For those of you who are not able to make it to the Steps of the Capitol, if that is to be America's next Boston Massacre, so be it. I have no desire or intent of being a martyr. But it is what it is...

But I also know that every ingle day the Enemies of Liberty gain ground, while we find ever-more self-deluding reasons to stay off the field.

I am going.

If going isn't for you, do what you feel is best.

300 on the steps like Leonidas and his Spartans at Thermopylae.

They had the balls to stand and be counted, knowing they were dead men.

Will 300 stand with me, knowing our holsters will be empty, knowing we will not even be breaking a single of the King's Laws.

To be blunt, folks: If we don't have the balls to look our plunderers and murderers in the eyes and tell them to stop, in writing, or else, we do not deserve Liberty.

And for every "Patriot" who takes the position that we are being too provocative: Please stop breeding. God save us from another generation of your genetics.



  1. Great post! I have every single intention of joining you on those steps and look forward to it, even if it means the worst.

  2. Mr. K,

    If only I possessed even a fraction of your wit and your abilities to express such, I'd be a lucky man.

    See you 3 NOV.


  3. Sam,

    Ouch. I share the same first name with this individual, but I hope you do not view me in the same light. Just for the record, I have never said now is not the time. We are past the time.

    If this was not aimed at me, would you be so kind as to differentiate? I don't live or die based on what other people think, but this individual sounds pretty foul, and I would rather not have folks connecting our names and thinking I am the same.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry Reg! I didn't even think about it!

      Definitely NOT Reg T, folks. In fact, since I changed the names to protect the innocent in the first place, I'll do it again.

      Reg T, I am hoping to catch up to you at a PatCom or Gun Show at some point over the summer.


  4. Thanks, for that!

    Me, too, Sam. I've got some issues I'm working on, but I will try to hook up with you somewhere.


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