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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Indiana PatCom

Have you folks determined a venue or schedule yet?



  1. Yes. BFE west of Bloomington Indiana. I'm bringing a tent, beer, guns, over 2000 rockin' tunes on my iPod, and an attitude.

    Other than that, I'm playing it by ear.

    Contact China for the particulars...

  2. May 18th 19th 20th in Greene co. Ind. Directions will be provided closer to time of event to those who check in.Much interest at first not many checking in yet. Great location shooting up to 100yds further with a little work. Bring camping gear,refreshments,guns n ammo,food we are playing by ear,Wally world not to far away even though our site is in boonies.I have a Lot going on personally but plan to start promoting heavily soon!! All Patriots and Preppers are welcome to attend.Bug spray this time of year.Restrooms and trash are taken care of by our host however bring water! Looking for a decent turn out. However if only founding members show up I will consider it a success! Freedom gained 1 person at a time is still freedom gained!



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