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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Remember the Nazi's singled out the Jews as the cause of all their problems...

UPDATE: Question 1 - Will you identify Liberal/Bad People and put stickers on their premises?

2 - I can brand with IIIPercet.com and I'm willing to take the heat. Should we brand the stickers of not?

3: Should we say "This establishment is Liberal/Marxist/an Enemy of Liberty - do not patronize!"


I'm thinking bumper stickers, shirts, stickers on shops, stickers on cars, et cetera: Liberals and other fools are responsible for murdering America!

Someone out there can make it witty and pithy.

I'll print 'em up.

We'll stick them on every car with a Leftist Presidential Candidate, every shop with a known Liberal proprietor, and every Democrat forehead we can hold down long enough...


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