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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Local, Local, Local

UPDATE: Some states charge more than others, folks. Don't spend much getting voter registration lists. If nothing else, get the county in which you live. It's a start.

I'd like to build a library of state registered voters, it will help tremendously.

Thanks to all who have already stepped up.

The details needed: Name, Mailing Address, Party Affiliation.


Bill Nye & his Crew has been promoting the local advantages of our efforts.

He is not wrong.

I need help, Patriots.

Every State has lists of registered voters available to the public.  Most states require that you be a resident to receive those lists.  You can get them through your Board of Elections.

I have Maryland covered.

I need DC and Virginia voter registration records, and any other state you are capable of acquiring.

Email them to me in Excel, if possible.

I particularly need states that have a higher than average Tea Party (real Tea Party) folks and dis-illusioned NRA types.

I need D's & R's.


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