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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Liberals Suck Sticker Campaign

See the sticker on the post below?

Remember our call for malum prohibitum excursions?

Remember the value of sticking a thumb into the eyes of your enemies?

If I print a few thousand "Liberals, Marxists, Politicians Suck" stickers, would you place them on storefronts, across closed store doors and elsewhere to annoy your local Bad Pople?

If not, say so. There is no point wasting 527 resources if we aren't going to follow through.



  1. Oh, HELL YES!
    Teresa Sue

  2. I'm in.
    I'm in California and there's no shortage of liberals, commies and politicians, most of the politicians being members of all three groups.
    I'm gonna need a bunch of stickers.

  3. One of my thoughts: You know how swingig doors close, leaving a slim gap? What if we place a sticker across the gap. like a crime-scene sticker - it would force the Bad People store owners to deal with us...and it would be in the face of every single patron.


  4. Yep. And have faith brother, we're here. Doctorate allows me to start a sentence with “and” according to the fascist/lib (redundant) academics who granted me my credentials. Quiet on the boards though. Stickers, rally’s, blogging all well and good…. Been beating libs regularly on weekends on the streets since H.S. … Ignorant or evil they have to be… welcome aboard… others, get off of the couch… got your back at close and long range Kerodin… see you on the tour… going dark again.



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