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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Unconstitutional, end of discussion...

Julie has posted a piece at her place that gives 10 reasons why TSA should be disbanded.

Her first reason is that it violates 4A.

Until we get more people to say "That's all I need to hear. If it is unconstitutional, shut it down".

The other 9 reasons are all valid reasons, but we only need Number 1.

Here's the link.



  1. Mr. K,

    You're kidding, right ? Constitutional violations ? The ruling elite, the judiciary, don't give a damn about the Constitution.

    If one is wearing a judiciary robe; if one is a member of the 535, if one is in the Executive Branch, its time for the Hangman's Noose.


  2. Dan: You are exactly right. None of these people will ever voluntarily begin respecting the Constitutional limits of their offices again.

    The point of the signatures and Liberty Congress is a Necessary Fail that at least gets us a place at the table. At the moment there is not one group out there working for genuine respect for the Constitution, except for us.(And as we know, many of "us" don't want anything to do with the Constitution, either.)

    I dare say most III Patriots are to the political Right of even Ron Paul. His interpretation of 2A is not absolute, for instance.

    So, the most for which we can hope is that we get enough signatures, enough boots on the ground, and rile the Enemies of Liberty enough that they take a swing at us and pay attention to us.

    Consider the value of a conversation that comes out of nowhere just 3 days before the election, when this group of "Patriots" gets some airtime. The MSM will try to paint us as radical, extremist nut jobs, but our message is so simple that it will reach beyond the MSM and Political Class spin...

    ...Restore the Constitution.

    If we are lucky, our message will motivate all of those "real" Tea Party folks who are pissed off and they'll get back into the fight.

    But, at this moment, not only do we not have a seat at the table, the Constitution doesn't, either. It is up to us to make the conversation about the Constitution. To do that, we are going to have to come hard and mean it.

    Stay safe.



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