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Saturday, May 12, 2012

After November 3rd with a III Patriot, this story would read differently...

Will sent this over.

A guy had his cash confiscated by a Trooper. The driver was not arrested. The Trooper just thought it was "suspicious".

Which brings us to our Cause of Action in our Declaration that we will submit to our Government representative on November 3: We will return to our homes and begin to live in the state of Liberty for which our Founding Generation spilled blood.

We will make the ground upon which we stand safe for Liberty.

By any means necessary.

It is time to finalize those Protocols, folks. It is time to click through your what if scenarios. It is time to defend Liberty.

Not resist.

Not avoidance.

Not giving up a curtsy just because the man has a badge and gun.

Here's the link.



  1. Whenever I read a story like this my blood boils. I can actually FEEL the adrenaline surge as I put myself in this man's shoes and read the statements of the cops.

    I don't believe I could have controlled myself if that had been me pulled over on I-40.

    I would have been a bad boy and they would have dog-piled me and crushed my face and compressed me until I died from hypoxia and then blamed it on the paramedics who gave me bad mojo as they tried to revive my unconscious ass.

    Every one of those no-good fascist Tennessee hillbilly pigs/judges should be run through with a pitchfork and then strung up on the courthouse lawn.

    Thanks for starting my Mothers Day out on a hap-hap-happy note.



    Did you happen to see the full video of the cops killing that red-haired schizo kid in California last year?


    Holy Christ! That's another scenario where I could see myself going absolutely bat-shit crazy if that was being done to my son...

    Have a nice day, Mr. Kerodin.

  2. Another dumbass. He let him search his car AND ADMITTED he had the chunk of green on his person. Then states he's suprised because he was doing nothing wrong.


  3. When will this end? I have that answer. Never. Violent police officers that wrongly assault innocent civilians barely get a slap on the wrist. This barely warranted an article. But I noticed. I see you Larry Bates, for what you really are.You failed in your job to protect and serve by turning an innocent man into a criminal without cause.
    I can barely stand to read oathbreakers anymore. My hands start shaking. It reads like an SS memior.
    Unarmed. No longer. 11/3

  4. The officially costumed thieves around here are much the same. They impound (steal and hold for ransom) your vehicle if your insurance card is expired. They always want to search your vehicle (which I patently refuse). "Warnings" are rare, and fines are outrageous. Southbound US 77 (the "money lanes") are worked much harder by the cops than northbound (drug lanes). NEVER have more than a few hundred in cash on you down here...

  5. Every single one of us should take the time to write a letter of complaint to the Tenn. Governor and Attorney General pointing out the violation of 4th Amendment Rights in this case and vow never to set foot in Tenn. for either business or pleasure nor to support businesses in Tenn. and that includes, much to my regret, The Grand Ol' Opry and the music industry based there.
    That said, the proper response to any request for information by any government official, no matter how innocuous, is NO and silence.

  6. God Damn law in ten-au-see is third world. They will run your title to see if there is a lien on your car. If not, if it is worth anything, they will plant drugs in the car right in front of you and witnesses, and seize and sell the car as drug profits.

    There are no Oathkeepers in that shithole.

  7. This will continue to occur till they are forced to stop by bloodshed. These people operate under one rule and one rule only....threat of violence. If Officer Bates
    steals $22K from me and his department refuses to arrest him for that crime than that is fundamentally a declaration of war. Kill every officer connected in any way to Officer Bates. When enough badgemonsters are dead
    they will reconsider their thieving ways. The only language they respond to is violence, till we start speaking to them in that languate they won't listen.

  8. Dan,

    I've been stating the same as what you've written, for years. There is no .gov judiciary or review board (who guards the guards?) that will punish their own kind. Justice, pronounced JUST-US, does not exist for the untermenschen, the sub-humans, the serfs, the peasants....the common citizen. When innocent people start to retaliate against cops and judges, then and only then will liberty begin to return to us.

    I agree with you Dan, 100%.



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