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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Consider: III Progress

I have been working on Gun Show details this evening, and a while ago I ticked off a few of the accomplishments we have made as a Community in the last year or so in a conversation over at Dio's place.

In our little part of the Liberty Movement Bill Nye and his Patriots got the PatComs rolling. That is a major bit of forward motion. While not everyone here claims the III Tags, I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in the last year or so specifically within the III Brand. We have an official, legal III entity (the 527) through which we can operate as legitimately and legally as any Liberal group of Marxist genetic waste. Many of us worked together to publish a political platform. We delivered tha book, III to Liberty, widely on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. We've run radio ads. We've run ads on political Right blogs. We've got the Buy a Gun Day project, we've got a summer and fall to be filled with more travel than I care to think about, hitting gun shows to meet you, help local Patriots meet one another and network, and find a few of our natural allies and build our numbers and our resources. I will be hosting a PatCom in October in Birmingham, Alabama.

We have established licensed dealerships with several first class gear manufacturers that can help finance some of our activities. We have built a series of III Branded items to raise capital for our efforts, while building cohesion and morale. We have had so many wonderful Patriots volunteer their time, skills and cash to help get these tasks accomplished, from our radio ad in the Denver area to Zoomie and his wonderful art, to Mozart who accepted the additional burden of running the Buy a Gun Day Project.

So many of you have contributed so much, and not once has anyone screamed or kicked for recognition. Everyone has pitched in with a "...git 'er done..." attitude.

Look at how many people are working together.

For you guys and gals who have been doing this for more than 2 years, is "Our Community" moving forward and making progress better now than before?

I'd have to bet yes.

So, to each and every one of you, Thank You.

None of this could be accomplished without many of us working together.

I am proud to be associated with you. I hope that we can get at least 300 of us to the Capitol on November 3 and make a positive impact on the national audience.

I know we can do it. By "it" I mean - I know that a few thousand of us working together, and a few hundred on the ground in DC, can, indeed, get on the radar and make a positive impact.

Why am I convinced?

Because we come and our only demand is that our politicians and bureaucrats abide their oath and operate within the bounds of the Constitution, as ratified and intended in the spirit of the DoI and BoR.

And why am I certain we can get the herd moving?

Because everything for which we are asking is morally just and in accord with Nature's Laws.

We are Right.

When a few hundred serious Patriots have Right on their side, and the determination to live free at Liberty, or die in their pursuit, we can change the course of history.

It has been done before. We are their posterity. Their blood pumps in our hearts.

It is our turn to do it now.

I am proud to stand with you in this simple quest for Liberty.



  1. is "Our Community" moving forward and making progress better now than before?

    I'd have to bet yes.

    Yes, Sir and no betting about it.

    1. Thanks, Brock. It is good to hear from someone who has been witness to the online faction of the Liberty Movement,


  2. You want to change the world start by changing yourself. I'm often scared to death but there are worse things than dying for me. Control that 3 foot area that you stand upon then your yard, then your block. Start small and build. You want easy life go to the PTBs and lick your masters hand. If you want to face hardship, anger, violence and derision be a free citizen and go your own way in freedom. Be prepared!
    If you love Liberty and freedom and refused to be shackled by the lowest of expectations. You are my Sister and Brother in Freedom. I am Spartacus, I am Thomas Paine, I am Leonidas, I am Travis ,Bowie and Crockett, I am Ziska and his War wagons, I am Cincinnatus, I am George Washington, I am William Wallace and I am Molly Pitcher. Many died in the cause of freedom, and we all die and the folks named above are pretty good company. A person could do worse....

    1. Anon: Your opening sentence is perfection.

      You want to change the world start by changing yourself.

      It fits with my counsel: The ground beneath my feet is safe for Liberty.

      Soon enough, when possible, I hope to create concentric circles tht can help cover the Ground beneath my neighbors feet as well.



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