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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Liberty Congress: You may not be ready...

Consider 300 or more quiet, polite, respectful III Patriots standing beneath the Rotunda in the United States Capitol building, each man and woman purposely placing on display an empty handgun holster and an empty rifle sling.

Those Patriots deliver a parchment scroll that has been signed by each and every Patriot in the building, plus perhaps hundreds more over the course of the summer at Gun Shows and special meetings in Gun Shops.

Consider the thoughts going through the minds of the average politician.

This is the last time I come unarmed...

What will unsettle those politicians the most is the action clause in the parchment, elegant simplicity: We will go home and begin living as free men at Liberty in the manner established by our Framers at ratification.

That is the thought that will haunt the politicians.

But only if we mean it.

If you do not mean to defend the ground beneath your feet in the name of Constitutional and Natural Liberty after formally and properly serving our complaints, our demands, our intent, in person, if our Government Employees continue to injure Liberty, then I must respectfully counsel that this American Liberty Congress is not a place where you belong.

If you will not return home and begin to live Mister Jefferson's Rightful Liberty, and defend that Rightful Liberty, do not attend this Congress. You know where I stand on the matter of empty threats and undefended lines in the sand.

The III Patriots who will best serve, and be best satisfied by, this Congress are those who have no use for hollow words, those who truly mean it when they utter Molon labe, those who have decided that the risk of death is the only proper choice when faced with the indignity of tolerating tyranny one moment longer.

Quite simply, the III Patriots best suited for this operation are those who are done talking and refuse to bend knee. III Patriots who believe Patrick Henry: Give me Liberty or give me Death. III Patriots who know the Declaration, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are not mere words, but indeed the inviolate fundamental premise upon which our society is founded, and take these words written by Mister Jefferson seriously: We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

There is no shame in choosing not to attend. Every Patriot must live his own life and answer to only his own Soul.

Quite simply: If you are not at that point in your life where you are ready to defend your Liberty to the Death, every time it may be challenged, you have no business at the III Liberty Congress in November.

I will be there on November 3rd, and I will formally and respectfully present my grievances. If 300 of us were there, the symbolism would be epic.

What happens on November 4th and after in my life depends upon the Enemies of Liberty, as I will refuse to tolerate their infringements further. I have no desire for conflict. I have no intention of going forth in search of Monsters to slay.

But I will defend the ground upon which I stand for Liberty.

For clarity, let me repeat: If you are not at that point in your life where you are ready to defend your Liberty to the Death, every time it may be challenged, you have no business at the III Liberty Congress in November.



  1. I believe in it. But if I scraped every extra nickle I earned between now and then, I might be able to make a round trip to Birmingham. Send me the declaration and I'll sign it in great big John Hancock calligraphy, but unless I quit paying rent to house my family, I will not be able to attend. Such is the life this former Republic has "allowed" me to have. Were it not for all the ridiculous laws, regs, requirements, etc., I would be self employed and comfortably so. But I'm not. So I won't be able to make it to DC...

    1. Craig: Just knowing you support the concept helps. I know there are alot of people n the same position, they'd love to attend every PatCom, every event & gig, but real life gets in the way.

      So, thank you for the support. Keep an eye our as I announce mini-PatComs at Gun Shows, one may be closer for you than the Birmingham gig.


  2. What about signing, as Craig has requested? I would like to do same, but am in the same boat as Craig.

    1. Same answer, Erin: I am going to try to make it to most major metro areas at least once this summer, and as many smaller cities as I can hit.

      I'll be using a scroll at the gun shows. If needed for the folks who just won't be able to make it to a show to sign, perhaps we'll have a second copy and we can daisychain a signatory page.

      We'd all have to work together, or course. I'd send it to Craig, then he'd send to you, then you'd sent to the next person on the list, and so on. That way, no one is left out.

      Sound feasible?


  3. Sound feasible?

    Absolutely. I didn't understand that it would be circulated amongst us. How do we daisy-chain it as time will no doubt be of the essence.

    Legal question to consider: Does the doc require wet signatures or is scanning and e-mailing or fax acceptable? Also, at the risk of sounding like the libtards who displayed combat boots to protest the war in Iraq some years ago, I had an idea that maybe those who can't attend personally could send you an empty holster, preferably one they have used in the past and not one bought strictly for this occasion. Just a thought...

  4. Truly my hearts desire is to be standing there with you "on the green", but like the comments above, financially I cannot do it.

    I would gladly put my signature to paper and mean it. I am pass the stage in my life where I an concerned for me. It is my grandchildren I am concerned for.

    Liberty is more important than freedom to me because freedom is what the machine says it is, liberty is God given and can only be abused and tread on by tyrants.

    God bless your efforts and may God save the Republic.


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