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Saturday, May 12, 2012

KA-BAR Tanto

The KA-BAR above is the USA model tanto with serration near the hilt.

We'll be placing our first KA-BAR order tomorrow morning, so I invite anyone looking to add a KA-BAR to their kit to visit IIIGear and place an order tonight.

Remember, all blades will be branded III for our Patriots.

I am adding 2 of the above Tantos to my personal gear.



  1. That is definitely a handsome blade, but I have a real USMC K-Bar, and it gutted many a pudding can and care package during "Dessert Storm." If I was needing a new commie dis-emboweler, this new K-Bar would be on the short list.

  2. KA-BAR sent me the USMC version about 4 months ago to review, that's the one I have been training with recently (the first time I ever gave any real attention to the KA-BAR). It impressed the hell out of me...butopening pudding cans? I simply can't process that. I may weep.


  3. Yes. I ate so much pudding and Oreos at one sitting that I violently barfed. The Iraqis were so horrified they surrendered in droves.


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