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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poke the Bear

UPDATE: I am reading through everything you folks have sent in and crafting it into a rough draft. Once I get that far I'll post it and we can work out the final. Then we'll decide which 25 or 50 domestic enemies shall earn our Award.

More coming.


Fighters know one of the best ways to kill your enemy is to get him into his feelings and emotions - make him irrational.

Some people counsel agains poking the bear.

I say: Poke that SOB. Poke him hard and often.

What do you think about drafting some sort of award, worded in our most offensive, eviscerating, degrading, make-'em-cry language and then printed on pretty paper and sent as a formal award to certain Enemies of Liberty, in recognition for their work in destroying Liberty, plundering and enslaving their fellow man, et cetera.

I mean s.a.v.a.g.e.

We can seal it with a wax seal for the III, put it in a mailing tube, and send it on its way.

We can continue to lay back and take what they dish out...

...or we can dish out our own steaming piles of recognition to Enemies of Liberty.

What do you think of the concept?

At the very least, they'll know they have made it on our radar...perhaps not a list most people would prefer to be on.



  1. On the mark! Going to start my wordsmithing tomorrow. I'm sure I can even break out the Thesaurus and make people have to think about how badly I'm denigrating them. Hmmm....the list of recipients is so long. Might have to buy more stamps!

  2. This is something we could do from an organizational standpoint if folks are interested - like an annual "Top 50 Enemies of Liberty of 2012".

    Let's hurt some Marxist feelings.


  3. The Top 50 idea is great. Everyone sends "Awards" to those recipients and hopefully each one could receive hundreds.

  4. now that is something I could get behind. Right up there with that "make 'em scared to return home" idea. If they believe they made a list of targets to be hit, they will start watching their six more and be more intimidated. Hand in hand with other aspects, this could be more effective. While it won't stop them, it may provoke them into making stupid moves that open up other windows of opportunity for us.

  5. It might also be good for groups from individual states to rank all their reps. Down to the county and city level. The rot starts at the bottom. We may see it most vividly at the top, but make no mistake, it starts at the bottom. Weaken the bottom and the top will crash down like the twin towers. Then we have to keep a close eye on the bottom, lest they try to rebuild a new foundation.

  6. I LOVE this idea. Could we even send our top 50 list to TIME magazine, lol!
    One downside, we're gonna need a whole lotta wax.
    ; )
    We should develop this at a local level too.

    "Let's hurt some Marxist feelings."
    AND make them cry. ; )

    Miss Violet

  7. Where do I submit my nominations?

  8. Absolutely...

  9. K check email. Sent an list. Great idea.

  10. I think its brilliant,you are right lets make them scared or at least know, we know!



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