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Friday, May 25, 2012


Folks, a quick insight to where we go from here.

American Liberty Congress is entering another level. It is a GO, and I am gaining support from DC Tea Party folks. (Real ones, not the hijacked versions). November 2 & 3 we will be in Washington and we will hand them a Declaration as Jefferson & Company drafted to legitimize their next actions.

I have been offered a position with a semi-MSM media outlet and I'll be easing that direction to work our message into the disgruntled real Tea Party and Conservative base here in the DC Metro. As Bill created: Local, Local, Local.

ALC: I could use a supply of old holsters, folks.

Send to:
America 527
105 Meem Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

There will be people at the Liberty Congress who may need a rig for their belt.

I have a series of meetings with DC Metro area Republicans, Conservatives, Faux-Tea Party groups AND real Tea Party folks. We'll see where that goes. I think if they realize they have some hardcore III folks at their shoulders, they may be a bit more inclined to show up & speak up.

III: I hope everyone understands that despite my recent beef with a few members of the community, it has NOTHING to do with the III.

Remember, while I am personally a Constitutionalist, the III came before the Constitution. The original III fought for Liberty. I will stand proudly with any man or woman who wants Liberty...and remains honest in its pursuit. I do not care if you want the Constitution, the AoC, Secession, genuine Anarchy, or any other version of genuine Liberty - the III is still a banner that you can claim if you wish.

The III is about 1 thing: Liberty. Leave me the F alone. If you choose not to leave me alone, the III WILL live up to our Founders and rip you a new one.

Most of you have read enough of my writings to know that "my version" of proper Constitutional implementation leaves plenty of room for Anarchists, secessionists and anyone who just wants to be left alone. When I say "Constitutionalist" I see it as did Jefferson...as a burden upon no man and a defender of personal Liberty.

And if you choose to wear the III tag (or not) and all you want is to secede, or be left alone, or try to convince people to return to the AoC, or whatever, I've got your back, even though I will argue for Jefferson's understanding of the Constitution.

I hope more of you choose to wear the III tags. I want Tea Party folks to see that patch or shirt and know they have someone nearby who will make sure they are not abused. I want the world to see the Patriot Movement as a genuine force for good.

I want the III to be seen by the Enemies of Liberty as that group who will not hesitate to meet their violence with overwhelming force and righteous indignation.

We are the III. If it comes to blows, we will follow John Parker's lead and do what must be done.

We may lose. We may have our asses handed to us. But we have the finest bits of Human nature in our hearts, and we will die with Liberty beneath our feet.

In my world, folks III = Liberty first and foremost.

Once we do away with the Enemies of Liberty, we can worry about the details.

I'll let you know when I publish my first Examiner piece.



  1. I have a holster I can send! How and when do we sign the document?

    1. Erin: I think you were the person who initially suggested sending in used holsters, it's a great idea.

      We'll get to drafting the declaration over the next month or so. Once we have a draft most people find suitable, I'll have it put on a set of scrolls in calligraphy and we'll set about signing.


  2. I have a couple for 1911 style I can send.
    Good luck with "semi-MSM" position, don't understand the semi part but......do well.
    Papa Mike

    1. Papa Mike: Thanks. The "semi" part is because it is The Examiner. They get shouldered pretty hard by the big boys in media.



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