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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Occupy DC: Not so much...

Update: Here's the map and schedule for Rolling Thunder Memorial Day in DC. Here's the link. ~ K


Mrs. Kerodin and I have been in and around DC the last few days, and the next few days will be more of the same.

Occupy: Nowhere to be found.

Probably a good idea for them, anyway. It's Rolling Thunder in DC this weekend, and you can't move 20 feet in any direction without finding a cluster of bikes that are worth $250k. The Mall was blocked off today, and we enjoyed the bikes from the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia into every section of the city we traveled. Flags are flying, the rumble of Harleys is dominant, but the blips of speed bikes and the pedestrian hum of cruisers has filled the air from the river to the shops of Georgetown and beyond.

As anyone who lives or visits the DC Metro knows, an 80 degree day is just plain yucky this time of year because of the humidity. Remove the buildings and DC will revert to the swamp it is, and when temps creep into the 90's as they are this weekend, while the air is like soup, the gals are dressed for prime-time testosterone-based sight-seeing. Diaphanous material and clingy cotton rules.

Sorry ladies, my lower brain is hard-wired. ;)

While I despise what the Enemies of Liberty have done to my city, in name and deed, this is my home and I am very fond of Washington DC. The museums and culture are world class. The "real" people who live here tend to be southern in disposition, that is to say pleasant and smiles are the norm. When driving, one does not suffer the indignities found in many large cities, with constant blaring of horns and cursing. The nightlife in Georgetown and Dupont and elsewhere will satisfy any tastes, both for the single folk and the couples, and even those who bring youngsters.

I'm not pitching my city for any reason than it made me proud while down there today.

I hope many of you come and spend some time with me in early November before the winter chill sets in. We'll handle some politics, and I'll make sure everyone is armed with whatever information you may need to see some of the sights that you will never see beyond the boundaries of our Capital City.



  1. The nightlife in Dupont? Are you going to be selling assless camo chaps? Do you actually live in the City?

    1. Anon: Yes, I know DuPont well. I also know you have to go looking for that sort of thing if you want it.

      The DuPont area is one of 4 outstanding dining areas in the city.


  2. So then you are familiar with the Soviet Safeway? If you saw a guy on a Red Ducati, cutting lanes through Georgetown or tooling through Adams Morgan, that was me. Your description of DC as a friendly town is not what I have found. This is only true for the City as DC has no common culture which leaves people struggling to figure out what is 'common' or normal which means they tend to keep to themselves. 'Friendly' would be everywhere else outside of the city.

  3. Been though there many time`s but allways pressed for time .Might try to get up there this fall and spend a couple day`s .There are record`s on file, micro-film I would like to see at the National Archive`s.Men in my family have been used to "Pay the Butcher`s Bill" in every war this county`s fought since 1812.


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