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Monday, May 28, 2012

Perspective: Gloom & Doom

Yes, the world around us is moving in directions we do not appreciate.

Yes, finances are tough for most of us and the jobs picture sucks.

Yes, Communists and petty tyrants are seeking to have their way with us.


Every generation has faced and will face most of the same challenges of life.

Tribes will seek to dominate or eradicate other Tribes.

In every age there will be men who mean to be Masters.

Every man and woman will run into people who do not like them.

Every man and woman will have to endure the pettiest among us, once in a while.


In our little piece of the web we recently had a wedding. I know of at least one more on the near horizon. Happiness.

In our little piece of the web I know of at least one Patriot who will donate a part of his body for another Soul who needs it. Nobility and Courage.

In our little piece of the world we have men and women every day who raise their children to do the right thing, to be educated and to think for themselves. Responsibility.

Breathe, folks.

If you enjoy gardening, do it. If you enjoy the woods or desert, take a walk. If you enjoy fishing or crabbing, go catch dinner. If you enjoy your family, go see them or pick up the cell. If you enjoy art, just get in the car and go to a museum. If you are fond of your spouse and/or kids, go sit with them. Scratch your dog's ears.

Every human Soul ever born faces challenges in this life.

Every human is here but for a moment. None of us will get out of this life alive.

Memento mori.

But in the meantime, no matter what you face, treat your Soul kindly and be certain to enjoy life. No matter how simple the pleasure, you can find something right now in your midst that makes you happy, or proud, or hopeful.

We'll get rough when the moment demands it. Until then...

Indulge yourself and find a smile.



  1. Thanks Sam! This one of those days I need a reminder like that. On call with extra problems at work.So for the on call Maint guy just a long weekend of hot work. I did get to see my baby boy Damn he is walking now,trying to say G-pa fucking beautiful man.My little Patriot already has his own Stevens single shot .22 a bushcraft knife and G-pa with much to teach that he won't learn in Commie indoctrination school.I gonna make him him a cap and jacket with III patches.


  2. Thank you, I needed to read that. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the events happening around me, that I forget to take joy in the small things.

  3. Gotta stop and smell the roses once in a while. No fishing today though, the Laguna Madre looks like a used boat lot, everybody and their brother is out there. I'll just watch them from my deck, enjoy the cool sea breeze, and a frosty one : )

  4. Yup, stop for a second and think about everyone else but yourself. Those folks you only 'kinda' know...get to know them better. That cute cashier at your favorite stop....actually talk to her next time instead of just handing her money for your purchase. That next door you open for someone else, the dropped item you pick up, the person who doesn't have enough change to purchase something....those small things make life worth living. Live it up now, since you never know what tomorrow will bring you. Always pay it forward, make the first move, and know in your heart that it does make a difference, even if you don't see it.

  5. Yes yes YES! I know the cashiers at "my" store by name, and they know me. Carol, Dolly, Anna, Brenda, Pete... I always ask them how they're doing. They make sure to have the things I like in stock, and even special order stuff for me! I hold doors open for anyone, always smile and greet anyone who makes eye contact, wave at folks when passing on the road. That's "how we roll" in Texas.

    I suppose I take after my Grandpa who would hit the drive through at Dairy Queen and order us up "two chocolate shakes and a smile".

  6. I totally agree.
    Don't know about the rest of you but I can say from experience that missing out on the small things too many times tends to dwarf what we thought were the big things when we take a moment to slow down and look back.

    I found your blog last night man,thanks for all your trying to do. Reading about the American Liberty Congress sent chills down my spine. I hope to be a part of it if you will have me.


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