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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Regarding Officer Unborn Baby Kicker

Resistor in the Rockies has it.

Just for the record, one of the bits of our train of abuses to be handed to our Enemies of Liberty will include acts like this, conducted by animals like this, and our declaration that such animals will no longer be tolerated among free men, our wives and children.

No more Waco's.

No more Jose Guerena's.

So far it has been said, ad nauseum, by people who never back up their positions.

I've never said it, not even once.

I will, in writing, in Washington.

Perhaps some of you should think twice about standing with me on this project.

I do not back up. I do not talk shit.

The Liberty Congress is what it is...

It is not another familiar load of ...not one more inch... that is as valuable as an ounce of fresh manure.

Either we intend to be Americans at Liberty, or not.

We will hand them our list of grievances. We will make a media splash. We will go home.

What you intend to do when you get home is what matters. What you are still willing to tolerate on that day is what matters.

Here's the link.


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  1. Lets hope it leads to the day when baby kickers are hung swiftly from a tree and left there a few days as a reminder.


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