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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A thought

A Commenter named Bill weighed-in on an earlier post and chose to enlighten me as to why my every conclusion was incorrect, my premise was incorrect, and the Liberty Congress a bad move. Bill claimed to have been an Officer, and well-studied in all aspects of the topic, and that he could write tomes...

This isn't about Bill.

I'm talked out, folks. I'm tired of talking while the Bad People are the only one's on the field. I do not see one positive, game-changer that has ever come from any of our discussions - across any of our blogs - except for the PatComs. And those changes are purely on a local level, affecting a few handfuls of people.

I'm done talking.

I am going to Washington DC, I am going to hand them a signed piece of paper that tells them they are all Traitors to their oath, to their Countrymen, to the US Constitution. I am going to look the people in the eye who want me to bend knee.

Will I have changed anything? Nope.

Then I will go home, while they ponder the ...or else... clause of my parchment.

So, for folks like Bill who just want to weigh in and tell me how wrong or stupid I am being, do us both a favor and run along, play with others who enjoy such circle-jerking. I just can't be bothered.

For folks who are done talking and ready to start doing, welcome.


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