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Friday, June 1, 2012

American Liberty Congress

Most of you know the general premise for the American Liberty Congress event in November. There is an overview above in the tab "American Liberty Congress" and I'll post updates and evolutions there from time to time.

For now I'd like you to consider the media value of 300 American Patriots forming up on the steps of the US Capitol just three days before the election.

These 300 Patriots deliver a Declaration signed by all, condemning all unconstitutional acts of Government.

Consider the photograph of 300 Patriots all wearing empty holsters, and the sheer power of that symbolism.

This will be as close to The Green as we will get until the day we actually fill leather and leave the porch.

All I ask of you tonight and this weekend: Consider the power of the political statement.

Consider joining us on those steps and making a small bit of history.

Stand up and be counted.

I have approved the proof for the official ALC shirts, so when the printer gets them to me we'll ship them out to you. They are available at IIIGear.com, here.


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