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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Benchmade Tactical Pen

Do you carry a Tactical Pen?

Benchmade sent me this one to be reviewed in our SHTF Go Bag Project. It is a Model 1100-4 in stainless. I'll provide a full review in our book, but a quick insight is warranted now.

I have carried this device for about six months now, especially when I am dressed for clients. The pen is sophisticated and attractive enough to pass in business meetings as an appropriate writing instrument for a successful businessman. You will not feel like you are pulling out a Bic when the other guy pulls a Mont Blanc.

And, it writes well, too.

Of course the business end is the tapered & rounded tip (Left side of the image). To strike the best scenario puts you in a position to hold the pen in your clenched fist, business-end jutting about 1.5 - 2 inches below the edge of your palm, with your thumb on the cap. Deploy it in a backfist or downward jab if possible. Or flip it 180 degrees and go for a side-winder jab. The sphenoid is your target unless you are certain you shouldn't kill the bastard.

It is heavy enough to whip and slap knuckles, wrist bone, elbow if you want to get his attention. A good thrust into the soft tissue around or behind the knee will work wonders. Jam it an inch or two into the neck muscle around the carotid will work, without piercing the skin. The pen is balanced very well for deploying with a single hand. There are no sharp edges or tips - it is designed to break bone or be a good tool for digging deeply into soft spots. Use the backfist or side-winder jab into the rib cage near the armpit and your bad guy will use his other arm for a while.

I have found that the pen rarely gets a second look, even from trained security.

This model retails at $153 and is worth the money. You can find it cheaper if you look. I would not trade my 3" Cold Steel Voyager, but why not carry both when possible? If I have to use the Voyager, I'll probably leave a wet mess and need a change of clothes.

You can incorporate a Tactical Pen into your CQB skillset and add a very effective tool to your kit for keeping yourself alive.

I commend it to you. Here's a link to the Benchmade site for this model.


  1. I wouldn't try to go through airport security with it....they'll classify it as a Kubotan....and then lights and sirens will go off and the airport SWAT will decend upon you faster than you can say, "Evansville Donut Factory."

    Just sayin'

    1. That's a fact.

      I have refused to fly since TSA came on the scene. Not sure how much longer I can avoid it, though.


  2. Some of us noticed it immediately for what it was ;-) Even drugged heavily....


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