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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Between here & Liberty: How many Felonies?

I was a passenger in a car the other day, and the driver needed to make a right turn ahead. The shoulder gave way to a turning lane, but we were in a line of traffic that put us about 6 feet away from where the shoulder gave way, meaning our tires were still against the solid white line of the shoulder. Six feet ahead, we could "legally" scoot right into the turning lane.

The turning lane was empty. Traffic was stopped because of the light ahead.

My driver sat in traffic and waited for the traffic signal before moving ahead the 6 feet, then scooting right. My driver allowed a painted white line on the pavement to delay us by 2 light cycles because the driver refused to cross the solid line.

Mental conditioning was the reason. We're "not allowed" to cross a solid white line. We "can't" cross a solid white line.

Would the car have exploded if we crossed the white line?

Would the Earth have tilted upon Her axis?

Here is the point, folks: Do you know how many painted white lines exist between where we are now and Liberty? There are even painted red lines. There are misdemeanors. There are countless Felonies between where we now stand and where we wish to be, and there is not one single Enemy of Liberty who will vote those lines and barriers out of your way.

How many things in life do you avoid because "...it isn't allowed..."?

And do not hide behind the excuse that "I'll break them when I must..."

You see, you don't need to answer to me. I'm not the one who will be grading your test.

When you look into your own heart, what do you see?

In a world where your enemies will kill you and enslave you and take your children from you, I should hope you've got what it takes. Here is a story about D's paying people to heckle Romney. It's not nice. It isn't ethical. It breaks the rules, and perhaps even a law. It isn't fair. We wouldn't do that.

If you think this is the worst they will do, if you are not willing to go where your enemy is willing to go, secure your Soul soon, because you are not going to last long on this plane of existence.



  1. Ah. That's the one nice thing about my rebellious youth. I have no qualms whatsoever against crossing the white line to get what I want, need or gotta have.

  2. If you won't cross the white lines now, you either won't when you have to, or will delay so long you'll lose. Every day should include at least one "illegal" (un-permitted) act, just to stay in practice. Begin thinking like an outlaw.

  3. Cross the minor white lines now and "de-condition" yourself, so when it comes time to cross the median, it will be much easier. (like CC without a permit for example)

  4. I think alot of folks, at least ones I know, would have you believe they would never cross that white line, but actually do so on a regular basis and with deliberate intent. All warfare is deception.

  5. I do it five days a week.
    I am a rebel...


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