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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Campaign 2012: D Perspective

Obama, on the other hand, is trying to make it [the election] about a bunch of issues, often ones near and dear to specific states, or even demographic groups. Obama strategists see this election as a block-by-block knife fight, to be fought in fewer than a dozen states and likely decided by very slim margins. They think it’s a fool’s errand to worry about press panting over Bill Clinton or bad national polls. Instead, they obsess about Hispanics in Colorado, young voters in Ohio and swing voters in the Virginia suburbs (socially liberal or libertarian, fiscally moderate).

President Obama's team is not wrong.

If this election remains in the realm of voters and the Electoral College, it will be decided by a very small number of people in a small number of states. In those states, indeed in those counties in some places, voter turnout will be the deciding factor. The candidate who is able to get more people to the polls will win. The candidate who is unable to motivate people off the couch will lose.

Which states matter: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico and New Hampshire. Make no mistake, in several of those key states the turnout in a single county may be enough to turn the state Blue or Red in a winner-takes-all contest.

If you are in one of those states and you choose to be involved, dig deep before you plunge in and decide where the real block-by-block knife-fight will take place. You may choose to wade in and ignore the top of the ticket, and focus instead on down-ticket races, either for Congress or your state/county/local level politicians.

Remember, every one of the bastards elected and every bastard who votes for them, means to take a portion of what you own and what you earn to line the pockets of other people. They mean to do the same with your children and grandchildren.

If you have not yet raised the black flag and begun slitting throats, at the very least consider paying attention to the active battlefield so you will be able to make a proper list for your AO when it is time to raise the flag...

Here's the entire Politico article.


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