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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Condor & American Liberty Congress

I've decided I'll wear the Condor Tactical drop-leg rig in DC for the Liberty Congress. Since there is no telling what the weather may be on November 3 in DC (It could be snowing or it could be in the 80's), I want to make sure I am wearing a holster that will be prominent no matter what outerwear I may need for warmth. An empty belt holster buried under a coat kinda kills the moment.

I mention this only because I'll be placing a Condor order tomorrow at 3pm Eastern so if anyone wants to get in under the wire, now is the time. As far as I know they are still back-ordering the #163 Solo Sling Packs and the #607 pullover fleeces, but everything else came through on my last order.

Thank you all for the great support on III Gear. This has become a way to keep a modest bit of cashflow going into the 527 while at the same time giving you folks something useful and tangible for your support.

Also, I know I mentioned this about a week ago: Now that I have the first order of Cold Steel done (I pick up the folders tomorrow) and KA-BAR is en route to the engraver, I will be running the price of blades up by about 40% tomorrow night. Just an FYI.

The Liberty Congress shirts will also be going up about $8 tomorrow night - the extra printing on the sleeves adds up.

IIIGear.com if you want/need anything.



  1. K.,
    Will the drop down leg holster accomodate any weapon ie, 1911/XD etc?

    1. They built it as a universal for med/large semi-autos. 1911 especially, and probably down to several of the smaller grip/caliber Glocks.


  2. Order placed, but do they have anything besides the color pictured? ACU? Multicam? I guess OD will do, but if there's anything else, please let me know.


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