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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whatever you do, don't get excited...

That title is one of those fallback phrases my Uncle always had ready for his nieces & nephews when frustration or fear or other potentially debilitating emotions/circumstances would suddenly manifest.

His point was simple: The moment you surrender mental acuity, you place yourself at a disadvantage to every other Soul in the mix. The severity of the situation changed nothing. It could be as simple as frustration building because it is hot and your chore is to cut the grass on the slope. It could be that your foot is caught in a loop of trot line that is rapidly playing out over the edge of the boat. It could be the State Trooper cruiser (or cruisers) coming down the dirt lane, and you know they are coming to talk to you. (Yep, faced that one more than once).

When you look at our political woes as a country today you really can divide everyone you meet into two categories: Those who intend to force others to do X or Y (Masters), and those who will not force others to do X or Y. (There is a large chunk of folks who will go whichever way the wind is blowing, so even they can be dropped into one of the two categories. Most of these folks can usually be convinced to sit down & STFU.)

The solution is simple: If you intend to have Liberty you must remove the Masters from our lives. Because most of them are hard-wired to meddle, they may not simply all move to California and start their own little Utopian Hell. They must leave American soil. Their hearts are not American, anyway.

Why may we not permit them all to move to California? Because one day they will build sufficient economic strength and political allies with our foreign enemies to leverage demands upon their border states and beyond. One does not rustle all cancer cells into a leg and surrender the leg. One seeks to eradicate all cancer cells from the body. In our political dilemma, there is no need to sacrifice anything.

Ours is the morally correct position.

We need not negotiate with Evil.

Bad People may STFU, leave, or face trial for Treason at the hands of Citizens.

When you look at our political problem and when you begin to clear your AO, don't make things more complicated than you must. Don't nuance between black & white and allow Bad People to hide in the greys.

Our society has "accepted" that "Liberalism" is a valid political point of view, may be debated and imposed, and that those people who advocate the premise should be protected under our system.

But what is Liberalism if it is not the advocating of Mob Rule, theft of property and labor at the muzzle of a weapon, and forced behaviors (the absence of Liberty) at the muzzle of the same weapon?

Why is that political philosophy "valid" and why must it be tolerated by moral Americans?

And tell me, how are "Establishment Republicans" advocating anything different? Their positions are merely shades of grey, nuanced differences in how much one must surrender. They still believe in the principle that you will obey or they will draw the muzzle to bear on you.

This is black & white, folks.

Bad People who mean to be Masters versus Good People who mean to live at Liberty.

It is simple. Do not let them confuse you by invoking 1A. Do not let them divert you from the Hard Things that are required in the name of survival based on the argument of "Tolerance" or "Diversity".

These people think they are morally justified to force you and yours to surrender your property and labor for other people.

Their entire political philosophy is based upon theft, forced servitude, and the threat of violence.

Whatever you do, don't get excited.

Do the Hard Things.

They may sit down and STFU, they may leave your AO, or they may answer for their fundamental crimes against their fellow man in a Citizen Trial in the front yard of their own home.

I call for a mass forced emigration of Bad People from America. We have Socialist nations at our northern and southern borders. Our own Bad People should do well in such countries, surrounded with like-minded idiots. And both Canada and Mexico should welcome the increased tax base from which to steal.

My proposal: Begin in your home and force the Bad People to the curb. Next, force the Bad People on your block to leave your block. Get them all walking/driving toward the northern or southern edge of your AO. Block by block, add Bad People to the column. Your column will eventually meet up with other columns created by other Patriots, until we have massive columns of people walking/running/driving toward Mexico or Canada.

Any Bad People who insist on remaining? Article III Section III trial for Treason, on the spot.

Problem solved.

Restore the Constitution is not a request.

You argue my remedy is "unconstitutional"? When is Self Defense unconstitutional?

Sorry, my remedy is perhaps the most humane, most moral, most Constitutionally acceptable option on the table.

And for you anti-Constitutionalists who would argue that the Constitution is itself a mechanism of Evil and that supporters of the Constitution are no better than the Marxists - do not even start with me. Not on this thread.

BTW: What do you think of the logo above, with the added "Restore the Constitution"

Better with or without?



  1. If you send everyone here to California, I'll have to increase my stocks of ammo and rope ;)

  2. K,

    It is better without. Less busy, less cluttered.

    You recently posted that the III was available to all original patriots; people who believed X, Y and Z including constitutionalists. Please don't modify an excellent logo by excluding X, Y, and Z.

    Thanks, Smithgroup55

    1. Smithgroup: Gotcha.

      While the III is, of course open to all, does it put non-Constitutionalists off that the November DC event is presenting a petition that specifically demands Restoration?


  3. K,

    I don't think it puts non-constitutionalists off at all. It re-establishes a level of government that is a super-quatum leap better than what we have now. Is it everyone's idea of perfection? Hardly. Is it an effort worth fighting for and supporting? Absolutely.

    Thanks, Smithgroup55

  4. I strongly support a society free of "theft of property and labor at the muzzle of a weapon". Taxation is precisely that kind of theft. End it.

  5. Definitely keep Restore...all alone, it would be....misconstrued....Love what ur doing.

  6. With Restore the Constitution.

  7. When I went through pilot training for the Air Force one of the most emphatic "rules" was you always had to sound cool on the radio. Sounds silly until you think about it. Panic in your voice is one step closer to total panic and brain freeze in a critical situation. Doesn't do much to inspire your crew, either. Controlling the panic in your voice (a major step in "don't get excited) may literally be the difference between life and death for you and those around you in the struggles ahead.

    Keep this simple step in mind. Fear is contagious, but so is confidence.

    Agree that "Restore the Constitution" is an vital part of the message, even though it is a cleaner look without it. I say keep it.


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