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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Consider: Gary Johnson

You know that I take the position that voting is a requirement of Citizenship, an obligation to the ideal of peaceful transfer of power and a respect we owe to every man, woman and child who has ever fought and/or died for the ideal of Liberty in America.

Given the choice of pulling a lever for President Obama or Mitt Romney, most would prefer to open a vein.

Write-in candidates are a diffuse protest, at best.

But you do have a genuine venue to cast a protest vote this cycle: The Libertarian is on the ballot in every state.

Is he perfect? Nope. Will he win? Nope. If he wins will our ills fade and will Unicorns start pooping Skittles? Nope. Am I a Gary Johnson fan? Nope.

But if you take the time to explore his platform, I think you'll find that you agree with more of his positions than oppose.

Does he offer a platform that won't make you hurl? Maybe...

Think about it.

Here's the link to his site.


1 comment:

  1. If you don't mind my asking, what do you find peaceful about voting?

    I'm not asking about the intent. I already conceded that for almost everyone, voting is a seemingly peaceful way to get things done, especially when compared to roving gangs just looking to loot everyone, which is what most people imagine in the absence of voting.

    No, I'm asking about the reality of it, not what people imagine about it. In what way is it ANYTHING but mob rule--whether by representation or not, whether under constitutional rules or not--as a way of controlling the massive force of Govco?

    I mean, is there anything else there? Is it anything but the larger gang deciding how that force will be used in every bit of its detail...upon whom and for what? Does it have any power at all EXCEPT the control of the massive force?

    Just wondering, cuz it doesn't sound very peaceful to me. And a thing is what a thing is, not what we imagine it to be...right?


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