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Monday, June 11, 2012

Current Events

Many of you have noticed that I have shifted the focus of the blog away from commenting on most news stories, as most fall into the Sparklie category, or are symptoms one can expect when the world around us is caught in a spiral circling the bowl.

There are many good sites that cover the blow-by-blow. It is important to remain informed of daily events, and it is important to hit sites that offer perspective. I still do it from time to time if it ties into something I find relevant at the moment.

But I am primarily focused on actions that grow our numbers, build cohesion and morale. I can't be bothered by endless discussions that always cycle back to the beginning every 3-6 months. Curtis has pointed out several times that time and again people in our Community try to re-invent the wheel, define the problem, exercise themselves about "What are our goals...", plot a course and similar unproductive repetitions, only to start again in 3-6 months.

I prefer to work with and support the folks you do not see every day on our blogs who are building quietly in their own AO. You'll notice a few of the original PatCom folks have shifted to a lower profile. Don't think they are on the couch watching re-runs. They are boring down into their AO. We have several militia units/groups who are working weekly to improve, and they don't advertise much. We have a group of bloggers who are here day after day getting intel out to you that is useful, analysis that is important, supporting the private efforts, avoiding the repetitious circle-jerking and counting of Angels on the heads of pins.

Now is not the time to waste your energy on the superfluous.

Stock your shelves. Prepare the ground around your Castle. Dig deep and gather intel on the folks in your AO who will need your attention, before they decide that you need attention. Get a sense of who in your AO has what, and get a sense of who may be useful in X circumstances.

Most importantly, do not allow a sense of overwhelm to cause inaction.

What Evil this way comes? All signs point to economic reset, but Mad Max and Book of Eli scenarios with loss of the power grid and the end of the flow of goods & services are simply not realistic.

Yes, there will be some of that, especially in Metro areas that already have aspects of those scenarios in play. In Metros, the areas where FedGov will retain influence the longest, you'll have full-scale rape, pillage & plunder in bursts. You already have gangs with firepower and turf wars in those areas.

But if you live more than 20 minutes from any Metro, odds are you will not have to duck & dodge roving hordes of apocalyptic killer Tribes. Be ready to defend yourself, obviously. But surrendering common sense is the fastest way to get into trouble. Jobs? Say what you will, but most Americans are hardcore Capitalists, at heart. It is in the interest of the power plant to stay operational, so you guys and gals with guns will get work securing the station and transmission lines. You'll get work guarding food & medical shipments and storehouses. You'll get work securing retail locations.

Once things settle, and commerce stabilizes, the trades will recover and in many areas life will not be much harder than it is now.

Do you lie awake at night waiting for the Chinese Horde to land in California to extract their trillions in debt?

Please take a Lunesta and get a good night of sleep. The first thing you and your neighbors will do is shoot the ChiCom you meet in downtown Denver, then you'll kill the silly politicians who allowed him entry. The reality is that China will, eventually, "forgive" our debt, because they will understand that we have no intention of paying. Everyone will try to find them a Face-saving out, but the end result is the same: They get squat, and they can't take the Sears Tower to China.

Make no mistake, every Patriot in America will probably be forced to bear arms, enter Harm's Way and help get the herd of Enemies of Liberty moving, and calling many of them to the gallows to pay for their crimes.

Balkanize? Not likely. Thinkers understand the reason we are the world's only Superpower is a result of our coast-to-coast bonds. When folks in Virginia begin to think themselves better than Californians, and acting on those thoughts, we become Europe, with endless wars that do nothing to strengthen us and everything to weaken us. More States Rights is good, Balkanization will be treated as a War Crime by this guy.

I've covered a lot of ground in this morning ramble. It isn't really offered as debate fodder, just a position statement. Stay or go if you wish. You know where I stand, and where I am going.

I have business for the 527 in Wichita in the near future, and it is my intent to make it to major Metro cities over the summer & early fall to meet as many of you as possible, and to help facilitate the Local aspects of building Tribes.

I'll cover 527 developments in another post soon.

Yours in Liberty.



  1. I agree with almost everything that you say. However, "Thinkers understand the reason we are the world's only Superpower is a result of our coast-to-coast bonds. When folks in Virginia begin to think themselves better than Californians,and acting on those thoughts, we become Europe"

    Take another look. Does the term fly over country mean anything to you? Tell me that Northeasterners don't think of themselves as better than everyone else. That Chicagoans don't think of themselves as better than Alabamans. It is everywhere.

    1. Anon: Aren't the people who would even use the term "Fly-over Country" the very Enemies of Liberty we need to rid from our society?

      Aren't they they ones ruining it?

      When we get back to a strong 10th Amendment society and all States are equal, joined by a very weak Federal, we get back to sanity.

      Yet if we let either the "Elite Northeasterners" break us up into smaller pieces, or the folks who call themselves Patriots who want to fall back into Balkanized regions, we become France who has centuries of enmity with England, both of whom have centuries of enmity with Germany. When the EU flies apart, they will return to their wars.

      If we allow Balkanization here, we will suffer the same regional wars that will cripple us as a safe bastion for Liberty.


  2. Sam,

    The recent comments made on onther site that prepping should have already been done....HOGWASH say I. I spent the entire weekend putting up food, 400 pounds of long term and other preps... short term. Your post today is spot on! How the FFFFFF are we going to feed ourselves?

    Europe is in big trouble today, even after the big influx of cash this past weekend. Folks had better start thinking and quit cutting that poor old frog apart.

    Prep like mad, get your money out of the banks, convert it to silver or gold, it's time to get the house in order.

    A TRUE LEADER WILL FORTIFY AND STOCK HIS HOME, taking what is left of our furtunes and savings and converting it for our fellow man, woman and child is selfless and a noble act.

    Bill Nye

  3. Great post with one exception. The US cannot survive as is and will have to balkanize.

    This sucks but the ethnic and cultural stresses are too great and while everyone thinks the county is too bit to fail, it like big banks is too big to not be broken up.

    Frankly speaking the US after the 51% minority comes of age will not the US I grew up in. Not ethnically so much as culturally. I've met these kids here in So-Cal (they make up more than half the population here) and they simply are foreigners. They may live here and have citizenship but they aren't American and we as a nation do not have the many generations it will take to make them American especially with immigration pressure (which they will not allow to be stopped)

    This divide goes greater than they N/S/W/E divide, its root level.

    Also give the economy, there is another tier, the "urban" people who make up the majority population (by culture and number though some live in the country just as some rural folk live in the city) do not wish to be governed by the traditionalists, at all.

    The limits that would be put on the state would chafe to a degree that you'll have a constantly effort undermine the new society. They want Europe 2.0 which is fine but the distance between what a patriot wants and they want is far too great.

    Having them in a new society will only weaken ours.

    Its better to balkanize and to not trade with them and simply say Alea iacta est

    1. Matt: You are failing to incorporate the fundamental premise of Restoration, from my perspective: Such people who dilute and distort what America "is (is intended to be)" will not be permitted to remain if they insist on changing the republic.

      They may sit down and behave, abide the Founder's Intent and leave the "Old Country" where they left it, or they can be part of the great herd that we get moving across our northern, southern, eastern & western borders, or they can face trial by Citizens for Treason for waging war upon the republic in their attempt to undermine and overthrow the Constitution, the Supreme law of the Land.

      There is nothing in the rules that says we must share space, tolerate and break bread with people who would enslave us and infringe our innate Rights in the name of their "diversity".

      They are the guests. They can behave, or they can GTFO while the gettin' is good.



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