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Monday, June 11, 2012

Say what you mean & Mean what you say

How many of you have a Stupid-BS-O-Meter?

How many of you ignore it when dealing with people that you want to like?

You realize that is folly, I hope.

One of the characteristics I most admired about my Uncle is that while he loved me, he never hesitated to tell me when I was being stupid. Sugar-coating simply wasn't what he did. As an adult I have found I prefer to associate with such people, people who are not afraid to tell you what they think, and F* you if you can't handle the truth.

Don't get me wrong, there are proper times for polite silence.

But not in politics. Too many people define politics as some benign artifice, words used to lie or cheat to advantage, a "thing" they should strive to rise above and not participate. But politics, folks, is always a deadly serious topic. When discussions break down we bi-peds are left with two options: Walk away or pick up a weapon.

I have zero tolerance for BS in politics. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

If you do not live up to your words, you are a hypocrite and your credibility is sh*t on all topics. And here in Washington, the kingdom of double-speak, the smarmiest of political animals like to change words so you can't immediately understand what they are trying to say. I'm sure many of you have heard the latest buzz-word "Optics" used by DC Spin Masters. It means "How is X interpreted by the average guy". If "...the optics are good..." then Joe Sixpack likes it. If the Optics are bad, Secretary Jane will not be pleased. (For the record, "Secretary" is another word you'll never hear in Washington anymore unless you are talking about a Cabinet Level politician).

We've all had experience with people who nuance their language to say one thing, yet mean another. "Sales & Marketing" means what it means to the speaker, and it means what it means to the listener, and the two are not always on the same page. Sometimes it is accidental. Usually, not so much.

Here is where "The Liberty Movement", especially our little corner of it, earns the dismissive derision of the public and politicians who pay us no mind: Too many of us say bold, powerful words (some of us LOVE coming up with new personal slogans) and yet, we do not live our statements.

You may say: "K, politicians do it all the time, why do we get held to a higher standard?"

The answer is: Firstly, we are not politicians. We are not expected to double-speak. We claim to be ideological descendants of the original III Patriots who stand tall and will go to arms for the noblest of causes. We claim to be "more moral" than most of our Countrymen. We claim to be the examples for our Countrymen to emulate on many topics.

Secondly, our Community freely talks of going to arms - the final recourse in politics.

When you say you are going to do something as serious as go to arms, and you blink - you've just surrendered every ounce of credibility you possess. If you say you are going to Thermopylae and you hang out in Athens instead, who's going to believe you when you claim the sky is blue? Why should they? You've claimed to be a high-speed, low-drag John Parker and you won't leave the couch when your own line in the sand is breached?

Please pay very careful attention to these words: I do not care if you choose to pay your taxes or if you choose to get a driver's license or you choose to bend knee to your local Sheriff and get your CCW. If you choose to play the game to keep Big Brother off your back a while longer, go for it.

But when you say things like "F* the State, I will not comply" and then you comply - hypocrite.

When you say things like "F* the Feds, I'll carry anywhere I want, whenever I want..." and then you apply for your CCW and pay the fee - hypocrite.

When you constantly put yourself upon an alter and deign to tell others how to live, to tell them to live in defiance of Evil Government mandates, when you tell people to stand straight and never bow down, and then you pay your taxes, get your Government approved CCW and make excuses for your failure to obey your own diktats and lines in the sand - hypocrisy defined.

I've gotten on MBV for these same hypocrises, there are plenty buried in his old posts at the original WRSA, especially when he is berating folks like Linoge while claiming the III will never back up. But this is not about MBV or any individual except for you. Be sure to say what you mean and mean what you say. Say your words simply and back them up. Especially do not set standards for others and then explain why you do not need to heed the same standard.

This is how we, the "Liberty Movement" will be taken seriously.

This entire post was inspired by a piece over at Kenny's place. You can read it, I'll link below. It is about 1170 of his neighbors in his AO who bent knee to the State and begged for the ability to exercise their innate Right to carry.

A second point is the recent incident in Denver, when LEO hauled drivers from their vehicles, handcuffed them and searched their cars. What would you have done if you had been there, and you had decided to carry without the blessing of the State? Would you have hit one with the grille of your truck and then come out shooting to defend your Rights? Would you have surrendered your piece (and your Rights) and gone to prison?

Live your words, whatever they may be.

Comply with the rules if that is the strategy you have adopted, but do not claim one strategy only to be proven a liar when the State calls your bluff. It makes us all look bad.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Double-speak is for lesser men, not Patriots.

Here's the piece at Kenny's place.


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