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Friday, June 1, 2012

Death Spiral

Banks were broke.

Governments stole from taxpayers and printed more paper money and gave it to the banks.

Now Governments are forcing those banks to use that useless paper to buy the new Government debt.

You see the circle, yes? You understand it is all smoke, a prelude to the inevitable? You understand that the powerful people are using the fiat money to buy hard assets while they can: Bullets, Beans, Bullion.

When the fiat crashes, your bank account will be worthless. The dollars in your mattress will be worthless. You need bullets, beans and bullion, now.

And make no mistake: These Enemies of Liberty know what they are doing, they know Implosion is imminent. Some want Implosion. Some do not. But all of them are choosing to profit from what will be seen in future History books as a genocide.

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  1. Heard some shit a couple day`s ago Rockefeller`s and Rothchild`s are uniting their effort`s . Effort`s for what ?. One tremendous ( they hope ) final push to crush all opposition to their corporate fascist , globalist agenda . Lock and Load,.....any day now.

  2. The banks being forced and subsidized into buying gov. debt is a clear indicator that both the Fed and the gov. know that they are helpless and desperate. Yet the story is getting no media coverage (Drudge excluded). Spanish bank runs (Italy next?) the "unexpectedly" disappointing jobs report all confirm that there is no way out. To paraphrase, this economic/governmental system is dead, it just hasn't fallen over yet.

  3. Good find and thanks for the linkage!!



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