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Friday, June 1, 2012

PJB on Mittens & Company

Would a President Romney and Republican Congress roll back benefits for scores of millions of seniors, raise the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare, reduce funds for Medicaid, Head Start, Pell grants, student loans, primary and secondary education, and shed federal employees by the tens of thousands?

Pat answers that question in his column, and he is not sanguine any politician will do what needs to be done.

I am positive that none of our politicians in office or on deck will do what is required to blunt Implosion.

Prep in every sense of that word, folks. You will not have to go looking for fights in our future. They'll come to you.

Here's the column.


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  1. Damn right, that`s why Soros knee puppet has announced the great " War on Terror " over. Now they can concentrate on what the ultimate goal of all this bullshit was in the first place,absolute subjugation of the American people.


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