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Monday, June 11, 2012

Drones 101

Worried about drones? I'm not.

Here's solution Number One, for those times when you just want to play.

Take this...

Strap it to one of these...

...light the fuse and play Kamikaze Drone Hunter!

And if you are serious about ending the drone threat in your AO, you find the fat nerd in the basement who is flying the thing and take his ass out, AFTER you take out his family and his house as warning to others.

This is not rocket science, folks.



  1. Dammit man. I just ate dinner and you're showing nekkid pictures of Rosie O'Donnell.

    Oh wait, the beard is a different color. Well, I suppose that eases the bile back a bit. Still, you could make a lot of tallow candles out of that...yeesh.

    On a more serious note, I've been doing a little digging on the drone stuff, trying to get a general idea of how they are used and how they aren't (the media is near worthless for this - I'm waiting on them to refer to a remote controlled toy car as a terrestrial drone). It might also be worth pointing out that certain types of terrain are more difficult for drone activity (at least from the stuff I've read - I have no field experience in this yet). In particular, I'm given to understand that really rough alpine environments and urban ghettos (provided OPFOR is concerned about collateral damage) may blunt the effectiveness of drone activity. There are international forces that would love to do an intervention in the US and carve it up. The powers that be will likely be aware of this, and may limit their drone strikes in order to avoid international scrutiny. Ghettos may be decent safe zones in some cases because of this (then again, the rest of the world, tiring of American intervention into everything, may decide not to get involved).

    Certainly, rural farms in flat land are not a good place to be with drones in the air. In addition to the tactical stuff, there is some data that indicates that drones produce a good bit more blowback from civilian populations than expected. At the least, there is a psychological angle here that might well work against the more abusive governmental uses of drones. We should take care and watch not only the drone tactics used in foreign countries, but also the nature of the blowback caused by drones, as it may well work in much the same way here when war comes. The strategic angle may be worth exploring.


    None of what I posted above is earth-shattering, but it's something I think the III should mull over a bit. Every war has its piece of technology that is a pain in the ass to deal with. It's been that way since the Egyptian chariot. It would appear that drones will serve in that capacity for the next few conflicts, so if you are expecting things to get hot, I hope it's on your mind.

    Resist and prosper, then live free,

    PS. Sorry if this is too long.

  2. This same line of thought got me a 3 day lock on AR15.com.
    A large wattage laser will take out the eyes. Once the eyes are blind, the drone is just a large object awaiting the pull of gravity.

    1. How does somebody tag one at the altitudes they operate at? Will a laser carry that far and still have effect?


    2. Daniel: Military-quality drones require militarty-quality gear to take them out (or find the Operators and shut them down)

      But "most" of the drones being utilized right now and for the immediate future are not much more than remote control helicopters (often with several rotors for additional payload capability) and remote-controlled airplanes of hobby-shop quality, again beefed-up for more payload.

      Real Estate agents use them to take pictures and video of home listings. Private Security Contractors have been known to use them to hover in back yards of Targets to shoot video (and peek into windows). Many are quiet (electric motors vs. gasoline), especially at distances beyond 25 yards. I have heard rumors (I won't elaborate) that Bad Guys use them to recon homes before breaking in, and keep them airborne with live feeds as a lookout...

      But, as with any technology that gains market-favor, as demand rises the quality will increase and prices will drop, making it tougher for DIY'ers to take them out.


    3. Thank you, sir. That's in line with what I've read, but if Millerized has a new and preferably inexpensive way to bring a beatdown I'm interested.


  3. the same guy that posted above about dronesJune 12, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    Every drone, bar the expensive .gov ones (and even some of them) need to see they are to operate. Yeah, GPS does wonders for flight, but without eyes while they're up there, they're useless. Without eyes, they're no more useful than a carrier pigeon.

    A 1W laser will complete devastate any current tech portable video camera, from the small 'spy' units you get in a keychain or pen, to the $$$$$ .mil.gov units. Unless specifically shielded for specific wavelengths, they're toast.

    Look at the sun with your eyes closed, open for a split second, look at anything. See that spot, same thing. Do that with a laser, both you and the camera are going to have that for a long, long time.

    If held 'on' target long enough, enough heat can be generated to destroy more than just optical components.

    And a split second flash of a laser on the retina of a drone driver....he's just been reassigned to Lighthouse for the Blind duties.

    Video's are out there. Just gotta find them.


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