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Monday, June 11, 2012

NC Renegade

The Bad People have managed to wipe out 40% of the average American's net worth in just 3 years. Most of that is home values, of course, then factor in loss of income and add inflation.

But folks, don't you dare lay it all at President Obama's feet. Or W's. Not even the GOP Congress that continues to facilitate the spending that has brought us to this point. That is way too easy and lets too many people off the hook.

You need to look at every single person who voted for every single one of those people for the last 4+ generations. And you need to look at the people who refused to vote. And you need to look at the people who have refused, since ratification, to take arms and be done with this when voting proved futile.

But before you get all twisted around the axle blaming all those folks, just take a deep breath and remind yourself that it is YOU who is in the mirror today, and it is YOU who must decide if you will end the cycle, or just get through the rest of your life as best you can, and leave the mess for your posterity.

It is our turn to decide.

Here is David's take on this topic.


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  1. Does it count as theft if the money was imaginary to begin with?

    Any "Patriot" who can't understand that your pension from your military or .gov service, VA bennies, Social Security check and even your 401k, 403b or IRA that you contributed to is as likely to sustain you as your 2007 home value, is in for a surprise.


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