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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enemies of Liberty

The picture above is, of course, Pat Buchanan on the left and Gabe Suarez opposite. I ask you, which man would you trust more coming into your home with a weapon?

Pat Buchanan: Like 19th-century Marxists, neocons envision a future that is utopian — i.e., it is unattainable. For in the real world, history, faith and culture shape peoples, and peoples shape countries to reflect who and what they are.

Nations constructed from ideological blueprints like the Soviet Union of Vladimir Lenin and the China of Mao Zedong eventually collapse when their ruling ideas collide fatally with reality and human nature.
[Emphasis mine - K]

There are vast blocks of people in America who stand against the Founder's Intent regarding the DoI, Constitution and BoR. These people do not simply disagree with the Founder's Intent, they actively move to replace/redefine our Founding Principles. We have Tyrants in so many flavors and shades of grey we simply could not list all the labels they use to describe themselves. Marxists are simply one flavor of re-distributionist/collectivist Tyrant among us. Liberals are in their camp, in deed, if not in name.

But as Mister Buchanan points out the Neo-Cons are no less dangerous and destructive to the principles of Jefferson and Franklin than Stalin and Marx. We have another group that I call "Law & Order Republicans" who are intellectually repugnant creatures, not because of Rule of Law, but because they abuse Rule of Law to tyranical ends, such as Lawfare.

We (The Patriot Community) apparently dinged the psyche and self-image of Gabe Suarez in our recent discussions across our boards about his positions and his self-declaration that proves he is a genuine Enemy of Liberty, an enemy of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty, and an enemy of the Founder's Intent. He is the perfect example of the attack dog on leash for the Law & Order Republicans, which is the only reason I mention him in this forum. A few of his sycophants anonymously weighed-in on my earlier post, here. Fella's - I think that may be Suarez taint on your lip...

It is important for Patriots to recognize Enemies of Liberty quickly and accurately.

He who hesitates will die.

They wear SEIU purple, they wear US Flag lapel pins in Halls of Power, they often wear LEO badges and every man or woman in LEO tactical reveals their true disposition to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty by the clothing they choose to wear. Some Enemies of Liberty even wave Gadsden and hold the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other. They speak the words of the Oath...

The number of Americans who genuinely respect the Founder's Intent and Jefferson's Rightful Liberty is depressingly small.

When it comes to the poster boy Gabe Suarez for your Countrymen who do not give a whit about the Natural Rights articulated in our Founding Documents and all of the guys and gals who dismiss you as "tin foilers", let it soak into your deepest psyche that most of your Countrymen will kill you and never think twice about it simply because you genuinely believe in Liberty, if you make it onto the wrong list.

Here's Gabe's response. This is not worthy of a flame war, folks. There are no natural allies to be found in his ranks. They are all Enemies of Liberty.

It is very important to tie all of these strands into Mister Buchanan's piece, here.



  1. Perfect.

    After stewing on Gabriella for many days, I came to the conclusion that he would be an excellent candidate for you "enemies" list.

    Great minds think alike.

    Or something...


    1. Well, we are thinking alike, but I can't claim to be a great mind. ;)

      I think Gabe just made the list for an award.


  2. I agree.
    Miss Violet

  3. Well, he can call me a tin foil hat wearer if he wants, it's his right to have an opionion, but at least I'm not an ass hat like he is.

    Miss Violet


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