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Sunday, June 24, 2012

TL, JM, MHG, and more

TL explores the concept of laws used as defensive and controlling measures by Tyrants, barriers between you and them, and you and Liberty that is your birthright.

Every Tyrant manifests "Laws" to insulate his actions, for there is a large part of the Human species who recoil at the thought of "Breaking the law".

But as TL states, the only path from where we stand today and Liberty is through the laws that have been erected to enslave us. A slave in 1775 America would have been breaking "the law" had he chosen to walk away from his plantation. He'd have been "breaking the law" if he killed his "Master" on the way out the door.

But is there one person in the Patriot Community who thinks that slave would have been morally wrong in his actions? If so, I suggest you leave.

One of the Commentors at TL's place noted that we are still in that place where the squeeky wheel will be tended by Government Mechanics. The comment is not wrong.

As most of you know I look to our Founders for guidance. They, too, had this phase in the Revolution. They, too, had men and women who stood upon the ridge and risked Government wrath as they shouted of Liberty and Freedom. Remember that Sam Adams and John Hancock were the targets of arrest warrants in the Lexington & Concord affair, for their rebel ways.

Remember that Trainer had an interview with the King's Men.

I will continue to follow the Founders guidance. I will risk the warrants while standing tall and being counted, until they kill me or until we evolve to the next phase of our counter-revolution.

John Mosby posted about the Moral High Ground discussion, which is also worth a read and ties into the discussion with TL. Most of us have been through the Moral High Ground discussions and our own contemplations on the matter. I know where I stand on the matter.

When Governor Hutchinson was burned from home & hearth, his family was left without shelter as well. Who is a combatant in your mind? I think it is clear that our Founders drew the line at Agents of the King, those doing the King's bidding (whether in office or merchants or citizens who were Loyalists). And if you chose to sleep next to the Loyalist Governor and burned to death at his side...well, it sucks to be you.

If you do the bidding of Tyrants, you are a combatant. Whether you issue warrants, execute warrants, or deliver the paperwork, or vote such people into office, or support their reign, you are a combatant and you need to go. I have settled on three options for such people: Sit down and STFU, GTFO, or face Article III Section III on your front lawn by Patriots.

When you consider the Moral High Ground topic for yourself, if you have not already settled the matter, consider it through the lens of TL's piece. When a mob of unarmed people rally in support of a law to disarm all Patriots by force of Government or to raise the taxes of all to 90% so more FSA may be satisfied, are the people in that mob Enemies or No-Go targets?

I will stand to be counted in November at the Capitol. I will not be armed.

Warrants may follow...

Here's TL's piece.

Here's John Mosby's piece.


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