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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What to do with the King's Men

I have stated and stand by my position regarding the King's Men among us, the Loyalists, the Establishment, those who work for Government, those of the FSA, everyone who stands against Rightful Liberty: They may sit down and STFU and stop undermining the Founding Principles and Founding Documents of the republic and remain in peace among us, or they may leave of their own free will, or they may be forced to leave our borders.

For those who refuse to stand down and go away, they may be tried by Patriots under Article III Section III of the Constitution for having waged war upon the republic by actively working to overthrow the Constitution. See the picture above.

My position is not arbitrary. I did not pull it from my bum. I did not simply come up with the idea and proclaim it to be "The Patriots Battle Plan" and advocate it as our path forward.

I looked to our Founders.

Here is a quote from a wiki on the period: By July 4, 1776 the Patriots had gained control of virtually all territory in the 13 colonies, and expelled all royal officials. No one who openly proclaimed their loyalty to the Crown was allowed to remain, so for the moment, Loyalists fled or kept quiet. Some of those who remained later gave aid to invading British armies or joined uniformed Loyalist regiments. [Emphasis mine - K]

At this moment I consider Patriots to be in the same phase our Founders occupied immediately prior to the Sons of Liberty being unleashed to Tar & Feather, to torch Loyalist homes, to host real Tea Parties in Boston Harbor, to shut down Loyalist businesses, and to generally take steps to make Loyalists STFU. Today we stand at that line, and circumstances will, in our very near future, lead a Patriot, or a small group of Patriots, somewhere in this great republic, to take a modern Sons of Liberty action. Someone is going to step off the porch.

Please don't quibble with my use of the word republic. We may not be functioning as a republic, but it is our hearts, and it is a waypoint in our journey. We will be there again, or we will all be dead. And I know Patriots do not have control of the Colonies at the moment - that will take work. You didn't think Liberty would be easy, did you?

I consider the American Liberty Congress to be a patriotic and noble event. We will demonstrate that we are not afraid. We will demonstrate that we come in peace to demand our Liberties be unencumbered. A Declaration was good enough for men like Jefferson and Franklin, it is damned well good enough for us.

The next move will be left to those who continue to infringe our Liberties.

We have our roadmap to Liberty. Our Founders did this once, and documented it for us, should we ever need to repeat the process.

The years and tasks before us, folks, are nothing more than maintenance of Liberty.

Spring Cleaning. Out with the detritus and parasites that have been allowed to collect for too long. Once we clean house, we and our posterity can relax...until next time.

Here's the wiki link, which I found via Rich's place.

Recovering Liberty is simple, folks: The King's Men simply have to go.


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