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Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Kenny

For those who need a reminder of the scope of power intended by our Founders & Framers to the Federal Congress, Kenny offers Article One Section Eight.

For folks who continue to insist that "...the Constitution failed us/the Constitution is a scam..." I'll only offer that I can no longer be bothered with such idiocy.

Men violated the boundaries. Men who disregarded the rules have brought us to this point. Such men are Traitors.

The rules for Football are merely words written on paper. The game only works when players remain true to the rules. When the rules are ignored, we no longer have football.

I have now broken down Constitution 101 for the 1st graders among us, and I feel soiled. If your brain needs analogies to modern sports to understand such fundamentals of the republic, I shudder.

Read Kenny's post. Any law, act, rule, regulation in violation of those listed are void and Treasonous acts.

Men like Kenny get it. Do you?

Here's the link.


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