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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stand up and be counted

UPDATE: Folks, David posted at TPN as well and the comments are worth reading and engaging. If you choose to go there and engage, I would ask you do so from Principle and with reason. There ARE natural allies for us in that crowd.

Here's the TPN link.


David is the mind behind the great Bank of America action that came out of the North Carolina PatCom.

He's put together an excellent post that covers the concept of Leadership and our broader goal of Liberty. He reminds us that only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence.

Fifty-six men took point. They became Leaders by default, simply by doing what their own consciences demanded, then they stood up to be counted. For their acts they were hunted for execution, they were at risk of the King and their neighbors.

With your help we will very soon begin to craft a modern DoI that I insist must remain faithful to the intent of the original. I refuse to demand a new Government. I will demand that those in Government respect the Constitution.

I will travel this country over the summer and early fall seeking the signatures of Americans today who seek Liberty, Americans who will dare risk their Lives, their Fortunes, their Sacred Honor. Then some of us will meet in November in Washington DC and deliver our demands.

I encourage you to think before you add your name to this declaration, folks.

The original signatories challenged a King who was an ocean away.

Our King, our Tyrants, are among us. They know who you are, where you are, what is important to you, and they will hurt you if they feel threatened. They may not challenge you directly. They may simply declare you an unfit parent and kidnap your children from school. They have many resources, and they are not afraid to use any of them.

It takes courage to walk to the home of your oppressor and hand him a declaration that demands he yield.

I'll be in Washington DC on the steps of the Capitol to deliver our Declaration in November. Join me if you wish, if you dare. The list on the right grows longer as days pass. The list in my email box is longer.

I will be there whether we have 56, 300, a million...or if I am forced to stand alone.

I will wear an empty holster.

My shirt, my sign and banners will declare that This is the last time I come unarmed.

I will have Liberty in my lifetime, or I will have it in my death.

Either way, I win.

One way or another, I will stand and be counted.

Here is David's article. I commend it to you.



  1. It might be wise to remember that "point" was taken by Capt Parker and his men on the Lexington Common not the halls of Philadelphia.

    1. Rhodes: Might it not be more accurate to point out that John Parker & Co. took point in their time and place, while the men in Philadelphia did so later, in that proper time and place, as did the Sons of Liberty prior to both in Boston Harbor and elsewhere?

      There are many positions to be played on Team Freedom.


    2. After a fashion that seems logical.

  2. You're full of it. Stand and be counted blah blah blah. Most of you sissies are out out of shape and old. You cannot survive the modern battlefield.

    If you're such an amazing rambo stud, why haven't you done anything? You're just a shit talker. A pussy.

    I did my time in the US Army. You are a shit stain.

    Nobody wants your brand of freedom. Fuck off.

    Mark White E-5 USARMY

    1. Mark: Nobody wants my brand of freedom? You are probably closer to the mark on that one than I like. There are very few who desire or are capable of genuine Liberty today.

      As to "...why haven't you done anything...", I can only say that you must have no idea what I want, especially if you think I simply want to ruck-up and start a fight with the Tyrants among us street to street.

      I have allowed you this little rant. Next time you come here, please bring more content if you wish to be taken seriously. I'm not sure I have ever seen you post in the Liberty Community before, so I will merely assume you are a troll.

      By the way: I am very public about where I will be and when I will be there, just in case you'd like to test for yourself how old and out of shape I may be. Come get some.

      Very, very sincerely,


    2. Uh-oh. Somebody's hand just got called.
      MISTER White doesn't seem to realize you have back up if you need it.
      - Kenny Lane
      Former E-5, US Army
      (No, your former rank doesn't impress me, Mr White)

  3. 2 scared to let folks talk.punks

    1. You use the word punks, but won't use even a made up name, let alone your name, huh?

      No one is preventing you from commenting here, nub. And scared is not the frame of mind Kerodin is in when reading your words.


  4. Mister White, you can read my response here


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