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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get it?

Do you understand now?

For each and every one of you who have taken the position that the Supreme Court is the legitimate arbiter of what is, and what is not, Constitutional, enjoy your "Constitutional" Mandate. Now would be a very good time to start reading your Jefferson and Madison about the scope of the Judiciary. Start here at NCRenegade for some Jefferson.

An act is NOT Constitutional simply because 5 men say so.

Would it be Constitutional for the same 5 men to outlaw your handguns? Of course not.

If one million people call a Zebra a cow, the Zebra is still not a cow. The mob of 1 million people may kill you while declaring the Zebra is a cow...but even after you are dead the Zebra is still not a cow.

In this case all 3 branches of our Masters (the Mob in Mob Rule) say this is Constitutional. Now America is left with 4 options:

Option One: Accept it.

Option Two: 10th Amendment - The States refuse to comply or secede (Not going to happen)

Option Three: 9th Amendment - The Voters throw out the bad politicians who voted for ObamaCare and send people to Washington who promise to repeal. (Not going to happen)

Option Four: 2A. (Not going to happen)

What do I think will happen?

Option One. People are not going to rise up. People are not going to vote enough new politicians to repeal. People are going to accept this additional abuse, because that is what the majority of Americans are today.

Until Implosion, the enslavement continues and increases. Mob Rule will continue until the Mob is disbanded...by force.



  1. I know, I know, eat my rice and wear my clothes....Oh, and buy more ammo.

    Miss Violet

    1. Much more ammo.

      The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has just given FedGov a blank check and unbridled power to impose any burden they wish...all they have to do is call it a tax.

      Of course, this kind of tax is not enumerated in the Constitution, but who's worrying about that detail?

      And all of the folks in our community who have been taking the position that the Supreme Court has the Authority to be the final arbiter of what is and is not Constitutional...well, enjoy your "Constitutional" mandate!

      Here's another one that will help in the coming months and years: When it is hot, be hot. When it is cold, be cold.

      K ;)

  2. Sam,

    I sit here laughing my ass off. It's funny. Can you say four more years?

    Bill Nye

    1. Absolutely right! It'll be four more years of this, no matter who is elected in November.

      Until this whole thing collapses all we can do is add prep and laugh at the stupid around us...and hope they all get what they deserve.


  3. I can hardly pay the bills i got sure as hell can't afford insurance

  4. Nothing will change. Even if the current decorations are changed out.

    The people will continue to keep their heads down and chew their cud as they follow the herd.

  5. Without question, I know how far down the rabbit hole the collectivist battle plan goes.
    However, until this moment, I was constantly inventing weak-kneed excuses not to attend the upcoming ALC.
    Whatever lack of intestinal fortitude that kept that line of thinking alive, I just shit out upon myself.
    What began as a discussion about the health care ruling, with one of my NCO's, Sergeant, or whatever title he assigns himself (being that he's not worthy of bearing the preceeding) unexpectedly turned into him lecutring me about why the 2nd Amendment is archaic.
    I shit you not.
    I am not lying.
    A NCO serving in the standing Army, of our Constitutional Republic, engaged a fellow soldier (me) about why the 2nd Amendment is outdated and out of fashion.
    Furthermore, he vigorously proceeded to engage me in stating that the Constitution (as a whole) is meant to have any and all parts tweaked or removed as the social atmosphere of the moment dictates/desires.
    I am not naive, I don't believe he said this, but to be honest I DON'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT!
    Yeah, yeah, I've read plenty of compotent writings and comments in the Patriot sphere about this mentality.
    I also am extemely familiar and experienced with the nannification brainwashing of the formative childhood years, that has mush of most of those minds preceeding their entrance into one of our uniformed social experiments; mushy minds completely unconscious of a necessary riflemen, soldiering, battlefield mindset.
    I've served three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.
    However, I was still brachial stun blindsided by this conversation.
    Again, I was COMPLETELY BLINDSIDED by this conversation.
    No disrespect to the Holy, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT!


    1. Well, don't feel alone Wolve Rine, I have a career Marine son in law that thinks everyone should have a chip under their skin. I offered to send him a copy of the Constitution that he's supposed to be defending.

      In the War of Northern Aggression it was stated that brother fought brother...you can bet what's coming will top that.

      Miss Violet

  6. As I am understanding it now Roberts basically agreed with points you had made about the court not interfering. I am wading through it bit by bit but that is my first impression anyway.

    I admit for Roberts to take the side of the Medusa-girls was a total surprise to me. I certainly do not disagree with your criticism of justices. There are far too many activist judges that's for sure.

    At this point we better hope it falls fast because the more time they have the worse it will be.

    1. I think the fall will be accelerated with the exponential economic strain ObamaCare will begin to inflict on January 1.

      I hope everyone is getting their affairs in order.

      Stay safe, Pioneer.


  7. You reap what you sow...and the body politic that has condoned,requested, cheered, permitted and accepted this crime shall reap the whirlwind.

    I have not once ounce of pity left for them after today.

    I just burnt the all of my uS flags. I will never again fly the stars and stripes until we are free.I expected it but it still sticks in my craw. I feel nothing but cold desire for Retribution.

    I think I know what this is, I believe I finally understand the word I have used all my life but never really grasped.

    I finally know what it is to hate.

    1. Miss Violet noted elsewhere (I'll paraphrase) that we are heading toward a conflict that will make RevWarII pale in comparison.

      She is right. The gulf between the two sides - and it is essentially only 2 sides - is epic and filled with rage. In the beginning we'll have several factions along racial/religious lines, but it will boil down to FSA versus the Productive Class in short order, I think.

      Hate is on both sides. We cannot co-exist.

      In the end only one group can remain. There will be no repeat of RevWarI or RevWarII at the end of this fight. There won't be any "Live & let Live" this time.


  8. The shit will continue until gaping holes become a political fashion accessory. It's galling that other countries rage in streets while we drink tea in our financial prison cells. Slavery through finance and politics is no less slavery than whips and chains. Like hamsters, as long as they have their water bottles and niblets, they run in their wheel and try not to think about the cage.

  9. Got a lot to do fellas. The goal is to survive the first die off, then it's on to the ugly to decide what replaces the USA. -55six

  10. Probably, it's not worth hating, Sandman. I think I agree with all of the comments.

    It ain't chipping that's new. It's that they found cattle that walk on two feet.


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