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Thursday, June 7, 2012

III: Cold Steel

OK Folks, I have the first batch of Cold Steel back from the engraver. I should say that I have a partial batch - I have all of the black blades. He still has the stainless blades (the folders, primarily). The engraving doesn't show up very prominently on the silver blades, so he is trying another method to see how it works out.

But, the Leathernecks, Tantos, tomahawks, shovels and other items are in my shop and will ship tomorrow.

Cold Steel Spike Hawk

Cold Steel Trench Hawk

Corey mentioned Tomahawks in Comments, so I have added these two images. I bought them to add to inventory, and they have both been branded already. The Trench Hawk (Fiberglas handle) is branded on the blade and the Spike Hawk (wood handle) is branded on the handle just below the head.

I like both pieces, but I would carry the Spike Hawk into an unknown situation if given the choice. The spike will serve very well to penetrate and it also serves the task of hooking limbs of Bad People.

Both are serious fighting tools.

Cold Steel offers several variations, check out their website and if you want something, let me know and I'll get you a price. I have two Trail Hawks as well, donated by great Patriots that will be featured in our Poster.

Personally, I consider a Tomahawk of some sort a required tool on an 72 Hour Go Bag.



  1. I didn't know they made tomahawks
    Now I gotta go order one

  2. yer in this for the money. some patriot you are.

    1. As far as we know, and until PROVEN otherwise, the profits go to a 527 org., not Sam. If you have proof to the contrary, show it. Until proven otherwise, this man spends a lot of time and effort on a cause he believes in. Sniping from the weeds, while using the oh-so-brave Anony-mouse, is the mark of a lesser man.
      Show proof, or shut the fuck up.


    2. Anon: Typically, I'd just rip you a new one, dismiss you and move on.

      Here's what happens: All transactions and donations go into a bank account for America 527, an official and registered 527 Political Advocacy Organization regulated by IRS. All records are public, and you can bet my many enemies (from both sides of the political spectrum) would be giddy with glee if I were to do anything improper with the 527 finances. There'd be Federal Time involved.

      I honestly can't say where we are with our latest filings. My wife handles that for the 527 and a recent bad event with her father has affected paperwork on the 527, our charity and our personal businesses. But that's just life.

      The money that is left over after sales cover the cost of knives, branding, et cetera is minimal, but that and the donatons goes to expanding the 527, building cohesion and morale across the community. We have published books. We have run radio ads. And I dare say our efforts have helps achieve the goals of cohesion and morale, as I witnessed at Mercer.

      The 527 will soon run a nationwide tour to grow, setting up booths at gun shows, publishing a small booklet to benefit the bloggers of our community, and several other endeavors all toward the goal of helping restore Liberty.

      Not one person takes one dime from the 527 for salary. The 527 does not pay rent in my office. It does not pay for my Admins who volunteer their time. It does not pay for my time or my gasoline or wear & tear on my truck as I run errands.

      In it for the money? No, sir. I spend money in this endeavor.

      And on top of it all, I despise soliciting for money to operate.

      But I will do what I must, and anything in my power to help the cause of Liberty.

      And if a III Branded blade is ever used to defend Liberty, I will consider every single second I have invested in this endeavor to have been a success.

      OneEyedJack: Thank you, sir.


  3. @anon- I paid 70 bucks for that engraved tanto leatherneck shown in the lower of the picture shipped to the house. It retails for 70 through normal channels. I can't see him making much margin if any. In other words, anonymous, shut the fuck up.

  4. First, that's what I like to see in the III, standing shoulder to shoulder, good job men.
    Second, those are some seriously wicked looking weapons...I think I might need one ; )
    Miss Violet

  5. Thanks for the pictures i'm ordering one today


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