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Thursday, June 7, 2012

III: Warriors

UPDATE: Folks, here are the details for context of what I wrote below.

Jane Heller, wife of Dick Heller (of Heller v. DC) needed a kidney transplant.

Jim (Millerized) stepped up and courageously volunteered to offer a piece of his body for another human being. The testing proved to be a match, and right now Mrs. Heller is recovering splendidly with her new kidney that was donated to her by Jim, a genuinely benevolent Soul who is also a thoroughbred Patriot.

Only the strongest Souls are capable of such selfless kindness, especially for a person who is not family. It take courage to permit surgeons to take part of your body. Jim represents the best of us. He did not need to take the serious risks involved with this act. But his Soul is such that he could not simply stand aside in the face of circumstances in which he could make a difference.

When the Enemies of Liberty speak wickedly of us and our goals, you may let their hatred pass, for we know the truth of the caliber of people who stand with us.

Make no mistake, Jim can be a hard Patriot. Only the hardest, strongest Souls are capable of the greatest benevolence. When hard men take action based on Love of their fellow man, there is no more noble motivation.

When you look for people to have at your shoulder or to follow when the world gets ugly, you would do well to have this man at your shoulder. We are all better that he chooses to stand among us.

I am proud to be able to share this story with you.


True Warriors pursue their deadly skills and willingly place themselves in harm's way not for glory or gold, even for King or Country, but for Love.

I love my wife and will kill and die for her by reflex. There are family members I love. There are principles I love.

In Mercer at TL's Summit, an event he invested time, energy and treasure to make happen, I had the great privilege to meet several wonderful Patriots. Lewis. Sandman. Dan III. There are many others.

One Patriot I met and with whom I felt an immediate kinship is Millerized.

I had the privilege of sharing some time with him again this afternoon, and even met his wonderful mother. As a result of this time together, I was able to meet Dick Heller. There is a back story to this day that will warm the heart of every Patriot who is in this fight for Liberty for the purest reason: Love.

But sharing the details of this story is not my place. I suspect it will be shared in the proper time and venue. It is a story of the finest of humanity, of courage, of caring, of Love for fellow Man. It affirms that the strongest, hardest among us are those most capable of the greatest sacrifices, of facing the most grave dangers willingly, when lesser men will remain at bay.

I will say this: Millerized is a Patriot who has a selfless Love in his heart for his fellow man. Those who fight for Liberty out of Love for our Countrymen should be those we follow, those we aspire to emulate.

I am proud to know him.

In a conversation with Dick Heller that lasted perhaps 15 minutes, I met another serious Patriot. He supports our Liberty Congress in November and told me he'd be there with us.

Today was one of those days that filled me with confidence that Liberty will prevail, because so many of those who seek Liberty do so for Love: Love of Country, of Liberty, of Freedom, of Family, of Countrymen.

Thank you, Jim. Thank you to all of you who find yourself in this fight motivated by Love.

Yours in Liberty.



  1. For what it's worth, Jane's body has accepted the kidney as her own and it is working over-time doing what kidneys do. I am home recovering. She will be home in a day or so to start doing the same.

    In my mind, there was never a question this was supposed to happen. There was never a question what the outcome was supposed to be.

    And there should be no question where we will stand come November. The only question remains will you stand with us, or against us.

  2. Well done Jim.


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