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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ohio 9th: Joe the Plumber

You folks in the Ohio 9th have Joe Wurzelbacher on the ballot against Marcie Kaptur. Joe is worth going to the polls, even if it is a Necessary Fail.

I met Joe twice, though he wouldn't know me. He was meeting thousands of people at the time, every day. He may not be everything you want, but in the Ohio 9th you are not choosing simply between lesser evils. He struck me as humble and honest.

We talk of waypoints. Let's get closer to our goal, one step at a time.

I do not think Joe is an Allen West. I may be wrong. I know Joe is not a hardcore Constitutionalist, but I know on a checklist of my goals he marks waypoints I'd like to hit.

And my argument remains sound: During Implosion, I'd rather have Joe in a bunker shot-calling for folks in Northern Ohio than Marcie Kaptur.

Here is his campaign website.


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