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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

III Gear Update

Hi folks,

I have a large order of Condor due into my shop today or tomorrow, same with our branded KA-BARs and the Cold Steel large folders. I rec'd a large order of promotional material yesterday (business cards, et cetera). I've been sitting on shipping a few orders until I get most of your order ready to go.

I won't be waiting on our clothing printer. I gave them a massive order with many variations, so if you have ordered shirts/hoodies/et cetera I'll ship the rest of your order then follow up with the clothing when it arrives to me. So if you open your box and find no shirt, you'll know your size was out of stock and I'll send as soon as I receive.

Most of you have noticed I have not been pushing the 527 for a while. The reason is simply the KA-BAR's (KA-BAR took FOREVER to set up our account, but I give them props after that was done, everything moved professionally with no backorders) and other items that have put us behind the curve. I do not like having folks waiting on gear while still waving the "Donate" banners. Once we get to a place in our order stream I can live with, I'll unveil our next round of fundraising.

We have several very cool items to raffle off, and I am looking into more.

Quick note on ALC: The Willard Hotel is very close to the Capitol. It is my first choice for our November 2 meetings and as our muster point on November 3. But much depends on how many Patriots we have committed to attending. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask anyone to make a hard commitment yet, I just want you to understand why I have not nailed down the venue yet. BTW, a room at the Willard for the night is big bucks, at least for my budget ($400/night+) So once I have a better count on our numbers, I'll float a group pricing option to all of the downtown hotels.


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  1. I'm planning on coming to town, but there is no way that I will be spending the night within city limits (or in Maryland). I may be unarmed for the gathering/signing/delivery, but I will not travel from here to there unarmed. This means I'll have to go to VA and check into my hotel first.


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