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Monday, June 25, 2012

Who's on your Enemies List?

This picture is getting a lot of airtime this week.

The FBI quickly began rounding up any and all "suspicious" Japanese for internment. None was ever charged with any crime. Almost all were simply Japanese community leaders, Buddhist or Shinto priests, newspaper editors, language or Judo instructors, or labor organizers. The Japanese community leadership was liquidated in one quick operation. [Emphasis mine - K]

Men were taken away without notice. Most families knew nothing about why their men had suddenly disappeared, to where they were taken, or when they would be released. Some arrestees were soon let free, but most were secretly shipped to internment camps around the country. Some families learned what had happened to their men only several years later. The action also included the freezing of bank accounts, seizure of contraband, drastic limitation on travel, curfew and other severely restrictive measures. But this FBI operation merely set the stage for the mass evacuation to come.

The Enemies of Liberty have a plan.

Guess where you fit into that plan.

The people writing that plan are not soldiers or LEO carrying weapons. The architects of the plan are wearing suits & ties, have law degrees, and are probably not armed.

Your neighbors vote for the politicians who enact the plan. Your neighbors send money to groups that influence the plan. Your neighbors are the people who See Something & Say Something. Your neighbors will support the enactors of the plan (LEO).

Who is on your list? Make it count, you may not survive the first wave, and if you do, you'll still be on a list for collection...

Objective One: Fuck up their ability to carry out the plan.

Objective Two: Fuck up everyone responsible for the plan.

This is not a game. This is not an academic exercise.

This is Liberty, Slavery or Death.

You are already on a list. Trainer is, too.

Here's the link, posted here by CA.



  1. Yep. And they'll likely preface this with some atrocity, perpetrated by some "patriots", emergency, blah, blah blah. They already have the "legal" framework in place. Sadly, I think there are few who will fight.

  2. "Sadly, I think there are few who will fight."


    I have a feeling though, even if that is the case, those who do fight will fight with a vengence.

    Miss Violet

  3. Ha! Yes...wont be like we got a lot to lose...


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