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Saturday, June 2, 2012

TL: Looking for a Leader

Vanderboegh is preparing to call on folks to throw rocks through GOP windows.

Is that the "Leadership" you want?

I am going grass-roots to find allies, and I'll be in Washington on November 3rd with an empty holster, delivering a Declaration to a representative of Congress.

Is that "Leadership"?

In his column, TL writes: What we should be doing is building tactical teams and being given orders to secure this, or disrupt that...and we are not.

Not one person has stepped into that role. I have concluded the primary reason for that is because most of us do not think it is time for violent action, either direct or indirect, either against bipeds or property.

Sure, many people across the blogs say they are ready, say it is time, like to talk tough about what they will do. But to those folks I would simply have to ask the obvious question: If it is time, why haven't you done it? If the only thing holding you back is the fact that you'll be alone, I'll suggest you do a gut-check and discover where Principle gives way to Courage. Stop talking and go do it.

I will not follow there, today. I will not throw rocks, today.

TL has thrown down a challenge: If you think you are The One to lead the forces of Liberty, step up.

It is not an unreasonable challenge.

I am not a "Leader" of anything. I will walk my path. If folks choose to walk with me for a while, so be it. If folks choose another path, so be it. I am a loner, but I do not mind the company of like-minded Patriots on this journey. I will take point when I see a task that needs to be done, but that is different from being "A Leader". As I am a loner, I am as averse to following as I am to leading.

TL recognizes a simple fact of human nature: The vast majority of Human Animals will follow. It is in their nature to go where others go. Most people will not take point.

Recognizing this human reality, it is not unreasonable to consider "A Leader" who will get those who respond to the herd mentality to move.

Folks, if you want a Leader, if that fits your nature, I encourage you to get your heads together and find someone who wants to lead, give him or her your endorsement and your authority to speak and act in your name. There is no shortage of people who would jump at the chance to be named "A Leader" of the Liberty Movement.

Draft someone if the "right" person does not present.

It could be good for a portion of the Liberty Movement, for those who are naturally disposed to follow a path cut by others.

Personally, I prefer a leaderless movement. That way, when the consensus chooses to act in one manner or another, it will have genuine power. A thousand or a million Patriots who decide on their own, at the same time, to do a thing will be an unstoppable force.

Here is TL's column. Consider it seriously. If you choose to select a "Leader" I will help promote the process on this blog. Just don't expect me to follow.

I'm a loner walking my own path. Nothing more.



  1. Mr. K,

    "Most people will follow". Reminds me of parking my vehicle where pulling in is standard park position. I'll back in and damn if the cars to follow aren't parked just like mine. Amazes me. I guess its the sheeple effect.


    1. Dan: That is exactly correct. I remember a video/news story from a year or so ago. A car had flipped and was going to catch fire with someone trapped inside. A group of about 18 or so folks were just standing around and looking, doing nothing to help the trapped person.

      Then one woman stepped forward and started pushing on the fender. Only then did the rest jump in and get the job done.

      TL has identified that group of humans who will never take the first step, but will follow if someone leads. I know many III Patriots who would never fall in line, but I think we are outnumbered by "Patriots" who will only move when a Leader steps up.

      Perhaps those folks who need a Leader should elect one. As I said, I'll support the process, even if I don't fall in line to take orders.

      Yours in Liberty.


  2. You pose a great question, and one that can be asked of TL, who's post you reference: If it is time to form tactical teams and secure this and disrupt that, why aren't you doing it?

    Leaderless resistances are historically defeated. Local resistances, however, that operate on the MW concept of "The Commander's Intent", ie, "Constitutional Restoration", have enough guidance to operate in concert with other like minded tribes.

    A thousand or a million Patriots who decide on their own, at the same time, to do a thing will be an unstoppable force.

    Possibly, but they are also uncontrollable, and point of fact is that leaderless resistance is never "leaderless", and with no authority, moral or formal, (in my opinion moral authority is more binding), they would be the classic definition of a mob on steriods.

    One alternative to an uncontrolled, unstoppable mob of 1,000 or 1,000,000 armed citizens might be encouraging AO networking.

    You can rest assured there are leaders in every AO already active; they just don't post everything they're doing on the internet, whether that be training tactical teams, planning for darker times than these, or conducting serious training.

    I would submit that in time, as the situation develops, those who really desire constitutional restoration will seek each other out and build the necessary framework in their states. Nationally? Probably not, as the situation is not anywhere near the point it must be for that to occur.

  3. This is one of the crucial problems as I see it. Leaders are necessary but nobody wants to follow a leader. Quite a conundrum.

    Sleep well gentlemen. We'll die individually. Sad really.

  4. "We'll die individually."

    My buddy and I used to joke, "It's the only thing in life that's fair."


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