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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wanted: One Real Stuffed Wolf

Kenny continues to catch heat for his wolf post.

Forgive the media machine part of my brain: If anyone has a genuine wolf that has been stuffed and would donate it for the III, I will create a brass plaque and add any names who wish to be part of it, invite Norfolk news crews, then deliver that bad boy to PETA's headquarters.

It isn't a John Parker moment, but it sure will put a spotlight on the III for a while. They hate us anyway, let's make them froth at the mouth and do stupid things. We can spin the fallout into an argument for Liberty and Freedom if we do it properly.

Any thoughts?

Here's the link to Ken's place.



  1. We should have grilled wolf at the PATCONs. I think I would enjoy eating them more than dog.:)

  2. Brock, I'm thinkin' you may well have...


    I love the idea! I'd be willing to shell out a few bucks for the stuffed dog, however a you tube video would be a must.


    1. Absolutely on the video - I'd probably hire a real videographer to make sure we get it all with as much quality as possible.


  3. Just bust a coyote - no need to go to the expense of getting a wolf. They are animal rights zealots. We're not talking the cream of the crop mentally. They probably wouldn't know the difference anyway. And coyotes eat my parents' neighbors' chickens (and small dogs) from time to time.


  4. Damn, I want my name on the plaque.
    Man, this is GREAT!!!

  5. Of course you would want your name on the plaque, wire, you are in the top four of coolest bloggers........;)


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